Monday 13 May 2013

Lakme Clean Up Range Review

You know there is this neighbor kid. He is like one and a half years may be, cutest thing He ever made. And he actually tells half my name, 'Ta' 8) He crawls out of his gate, starts banging on my gate all the while screaming 'tatatatatataaaa' :D How I love that lil thing ^_^ One thing I have in common with him is dairy products. Yes, we both, whole heartedly HATE drinking milk -_- I can understand the poor guy's aversion. And we both love strawberries ^_^ That, I got to know this morning, 'cuz he couldn't stop kissing my cheeks.

His mom explained it to me later and it's 'cuz mister loves the smell of strawberries.

All hail the Lakme Clean Up Range with Strawberry extracts! :)

When Lakme sent this range home, I was delighted, really. It came in a super classy red bag, complete with product information, a headband and pen drives.*I'll update with the pictures soon, the camera battery died :\ *

So this range has three components - a face wash, a scrub and a mask. It aims at giving a complete clean up in three easy steps. Smart :)

All the three products come in adorable tubes - red in color and flip open. They are travel friendly, tested.

Check out the pricing and quantity here.

The Face Wash:

It's a gel like face wash and is pale red in color. It smells like strawberries, like strawberries being smeared all over you ^_^  *This is what made the cute thing kiss me :D * It is cooling on the skin and has minor scrubbing action, it has micro granules in it. The face wash is a blessing after coming home from the blazing sun :\ Weather, why you so hot? :\ It foams decently and leaves skin clean. I didn't experience any dryness or flaking, neither did I break out.

The Scrub:

Scrub is thick and spreads easily. It contains apricot, walnut and corn meal for scrubbing extracts. Its sort of pale yellow-brown and scrubs well. It's not harsh and does its job. *Boring lines or what?*

The Mask:

This, my friend, is a treat. Its super thick and you need only two peanut sized amounts to cover whole face. It's a little dry on its own, so apply it on damp skin. It spreads easily. It's not rich and creamy, it's more like Plaster of Paris :D It leaves skin smoother and glowy.

So how do I use the range?

I use the face wash once a day, as soon as I am back home from anywhere. *Other times its my trusted Dermadew* I use the scrub every alternate day, or sometimes every third day. It depends on what is the condition of my skin. As its summer, I tend to sweat a lot, and my skin gets oilier. The mask gets used once a week. And every time I use it, it's Christmas :D

One thing that I have observed is, from the moment I have started using this range, I am hardly breaking out. *lil dance* :o My skin feels great and is been in the best condition :o Right now, all I have to deal with is blemishes which are reducing day by day. I do get a pimple or two once a fortnight, but they don't stay. All this with my hair constantly in contact with my skin, fringes on forehead and layers on cheeks. *Woot!* It's either my hormones decided it's been enough fun and decided to grow up, or it's the clindamycin. Oh BTW, those of you that are using Clindamycin Clear Gel and aren't too happy with the results, try Clincitop. It's way better, way gentler yet way faster than the gel. It smells great and reduces the blemishes too. While you are at it, use a good sunscreen.

What I am trying to tell is, this range definitely hasn't irritated my super sensitive drama queen skin. It's super gentle and works on my mommy's dry skin the same way.

Lets list the pros and cons already! :)


Super pretty tubes. *C'mon, half of my life's decisions are based on whether something is pretty, sparkly or pink*
Smells gorgeous ^_^
Didn't break me out
All the three tubes do whatever they are supposed to do, and boy they are good at their jobs
Economical - the scrub and mask will last an eternity may be
Summer perfect


Err nothing, really :o I use a moisturizer after using any face wash as it is, so it's not a con to me.

So girls, have you used this range? What do you think? Shoot a comment! :) *If anybody wants ingredient list, let me know, I shall update*

PS: The products have been sent by the brand. It hasn't affected my opinion, hand on heart, you know me guys :)

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  1. even i was posting a review on the scrub from this range! :P ive only tried the scrub n i like it:) will buy the mast too!

  2. I have been using Himalaya neem face wash for some time now, once I am bored of it, I will move to this range:D

  3. Mmmmmmm i can already smell the face wash ..divine! Lolz me wantssss!

  4. Nice review Nami!They smell like stawberries? I am missing them then :( N isn't it 'dairy' products? Change it girl.Else u wil be the talk of the week on BBC :P ha ha!

    1. Shylu it does :D OMG thank you thank you! :D It is dairy :D In my brain I read it as Dairy and typed Diary instead -_- thank you :D

  5. Don't we all have that one cute lil neighbor kid that we love? :)
    Love your review btw :)

    1. IKR? This guy is my stress buster :) :* thank you :)

  6. nice revie Nammu :)
    I haveused Lakme facewash and i liked it :)

  7. hahha, I hate milk too! And strawberries are absoultely the best fruit ever! Lucky you gets to try so many strawberry scented goodies!

    1. Hi5 on the milk and strawberries :D Haha I am lucky, blessed me :D


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