Saturday 11 May 2013

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Hi :) While I am sitting here typing this, you are 250 kilometers away, celebrating your brother's daughter's wedding. Of course. If you were here, I would be too busy Facebook-ing to be reminded of how much it sucks when you aren't around.
Messed up room

Well okay. I might have as well told you all this, but well, we hardly ever tell anybody non-boyfriend/girl friend that we love them, know? Hatred, we profess. Love? Not so much.

So what happened was, I was wondering how much I love you and miss you. LOL. No. I came back home from college and had many stories to tell, and there was nobody to listen. Okay LOL. No. Still kidding. I was super hungry and realized chocolate cookies don't fill up like dinner. Dinner that I have after being coaxed 'cuz "Lady, you better eat that up. Imma gonna kick your ass if you plan of dieting".

Why did I ever grow up? Really. It was nice when I was a kid. You know, just you and me and no secrets. It was fun, I would tell you everything with no screening and you would listen with no judging. And then 16 happened. I grew up. *rolls eyes* It was so uncool to 'tell my mom everything'. And then secrets happened. Let's not get there now.

And then 20 happened. 18 and 19 happened too, 17 also. But the best was 19 and 20 happened. We somehow got okay with the secrets know? You knew my secrets, yet you didn't know. You knew my mistakes, yet I made none. Somewhere down the lane, "YOU NEVER UNDERSTAND ME MOMMMM!!!" changed to "Well I know she knows, so it's okay".

And then you wiped my mascara stained cheeks. You joined me with the FAD diet, though we both knew it would never work. And then we started bitching more about the relatives. We bitched about daddy too, sometimes.

And then we got our hair colored, you got black, I got red. You told me it's okay to score less marks once in a while. *See? I made you cool 8) * You told me that you'll always love me, no matter what shit I do in life. You told me I am beautiful, no matter what. You finally made peace with my I-Don't-Wear-Bindi-Everyday. You sat down and rated guys with me. You learnt to mask the horror with a poker face first, and then smile a smile every time I cooed when a hot guy passed by. You became the cool mom I could check out guys with and swoon. You found Ian Somerhalder cute enough to be your son-in-law. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MORE FOR THAT. You actually believed Enrique is my college senior and asked me to stay away from him, "He looks like a drug addict. Stay away. Look at that face, kudka". Oh my! How I love that Enrique wallpaper on my desktop. *giggles*
*Non Kannadigas, Kudka = drunkard*

You told me about that bitch in your office and I told you how to handle her. You somewhere made me feel good asking me for suggestions, you know why? Heart of my heart, I know that you know your answers and you still ask me, just to make me feel important. #ForeverAloneMe. Ha!

At some point, I became the mother, I think.


Here's to the gossip we share, here's to the Goli Vada Pavs. Here's to the long rides to Malleshwaram and also to Brigade Road and Indranagar and Kamakshipalya and Sunkadkatte and Banaswadi and Richmond Circle.  Here's to cute tee shirt hunting, and to painful threading sessions. Here's to matching manicures and pedicures and simultaneously hitting on the cute guy that does pedicures while you say, "Aaw I don't like the pedicures, those guys shouldn't touch feet". Me hitting on the pedicure guy, of course ;)
Here's to the pervert forwards and you replying 'LOL's to them - 'Life is sexually transmitted' and the bursting out into laughters :) Here's to the saree draping and jewelry shopping. Here's to the tantrums screamed and words exchanged. Here's to all the drama.

Mom, I might not say it often, I might not say it at all, but do know, you are the best mom ever. I'll always love you and will always be there for you, even when you want me to go fetch vegetables for dinner, I'll sit beside you and let your other offspring do the dirty work.

Someday, someday may be, I'll print this out and give it to you. Until then, good luck figuring out my blog ;)

All you people reading this, wipe those happy tears, and go buy something for your mom. Not everybody can be me and give a gift of words. GO buy some lipstick or saree already.
*I have the right to insult okay? I just wrote down the best mother's day letter ever*

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  1. Nummu seriously i wiped my tears off :P hehehehe
    Happy mothers day to your mom as well from my side to give us such a wonderful writer :)
    Love you baby :)
    loved that Kudka thng hahaha

    1. How sweet :) Thank you so much Rajani, mommy says thank you :D
      Haha kudka :D


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