Monday 27 May 2013

BOws are WOws, true that!

"OMG Bows!" "Nam! Those shoes have bows on them!" "OMG those are polka dotted bows there Nam!" - quoting my bestie. She is bowobsessed. I kid you not, she might actually dream bows each night :o And so are so many many of us, right? Bows hold a special place in our hearts ^_^

So when an online shop comes with bows for every other accessory, it obviously took the world by storm. Yes, my friend, I am talking about the very popular, very known BOws are WOws :)

BOws are WOws is truly the love of so many girls :D With a wide range of products - from rings to hair bands, hair clips and neckpieces, it became an instant hit. The prices are oh-so-affordable and what more? You can earn a place in their super stylish customer's photo album ;)

Here are some of my favorites :)

I received a polka dot necklace and a sequin headband, and my sister couldn't stop gushing. Here is her wearing both.

Yup, her property now -_-

So how do you like them already? Go here and shop shop shop! 'Cuz I think, they are doing a fantastic job :)

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