Monday 27 May 2013

Garnier Fructis Strengthening Hair Oil Review

You know those days when you have all of the day to yourself? You can sleep for as long as you want, do whatever the hell you want and there's nothing to worry? Those are the days my brain goes full retard :/ It wakes up at 8 AM and refuses to go back to sleep -_- I mean, when I am supposed to be awake and studying, brain decides to sleep, like sleep ON the book. And when there's nothing to do, it wakes up at 8 AM? Well played, Brain.

So the 8 AM wakefulness made me go click pictures for some product reviews. C'mon, whom am I kidding? It's been ages I did some product reviews ;) I have my reasons okay, I will be announcing something soon ;)

So let's move on to the review now :)

Cost: Rs. 75/- for 100 ml.

Let me tell it out, this is the ONLY Garnier product that has ever worked for me, trust me. The shampoos and conditioners, just don't suit me. All the pulling-lorry-with-hair doesn't work for me.

There is a funny story behind this oil :P The day I brought this, I was wandering in the mall looking for cute things, really. I wanted ANYTHING everything to make my cupboard look cute. This cuteness in orange looked good enough, and I thought, "C'mon, oil cannot go waste at my place. People lurve oil more than they lurve me here"

I came home and opened the bottle, one whiff, and I was sold ^_^ This smells heavenly. Heaven will totally smell like this ^_^ I don't know who created this wonderful fragrance, but I surely do owe him a lot.

Okay so the oil comes in a screw lid plastic bottle and you pierce it to get the oil out. #Badass :P It's a light oil, almost transparent with a very light hue of orange in it. Smells like *see above*. Garnier says it has almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil. The ingredients also mention rapeseed oil, wheat germ oil and preservatives.

The oil spreads easily and definitely conditions hair. It's perfect for summers when you don't want to go to bed with heavy lubricatives dripping down your forehead but want to oil your hair too. It is slightly sticky. It gets absorbed quickly - depending on how dry your hair is. I sometimes leave it on over night, and sometimes for like half hour before washing hair.

It gets washed away with one single shampoo session. No hair loss due to messy tangles, nor dryness due to excessive shampoo. Thumbs up.

I have also used it post shampoo to see how it fares as a serum, and let me tell ya, it's easy to go overboard with it. 'Cuz damp hair absorbs faster, you've got to be careful not to over apply.

Overall, this is a super decent product at a good price. I am not sure of it's moisturizing abilities in the colder months, but it's definitely a good one for summers.

I will give it a 5/5 :D

PS: Received the Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine lip gloss in the mail today ^_^ Prettiness packed into one tube it is, I swear! *gushes*

In other news, this song is totally on replay mode. This lady's voice is tantalizing 8)


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