Wednesday 22 May 2013

Value your sleep with Luxurious Mattresses!

Sealy, World's largest manufacturer of mattresses introduces its exceptionally comfortable “High Performance Collection” in India.Enjoy the most luxurious sleep with the ‘High Performance Collection’, which includes the latest “Posture Tech coil” patented technology by Sealy.

This collection has “Sense and Respond” coil feature which helps the Mattress attune to the body shape and gives the support required for a Good Night.
Mattresses from this collection can be rotated and turned over  for best comfort. The  Triple offset design & sensory arm prevents roll out and adjust itself to the movement of body to  provide  correct spinal alignment. The High carbon spring coils are twice tempered to build resiliency and durability into coil for maximum life.
Finally our patented Edge- Guard technology effectively extends the sleep surface by an average of 10% as well as provides a firm seating edge.
Price: Rs.1,00,000/- starting

Available at:
·         New Delhi:  A-14 , Lajpat Nagar – IV, Main Ring Road, New Delhi - Contact No: 011-40591224
·         Hyderabad: 2-37/1, BVR Towers, Vinayak Nagar Colony, Gachibowli, Hyderabad – Contact No: 040-64636161

About Sealy
In 1881, Daniel Haynes invented a new process for making cotton mattresses. They soon became known as the ‘mattress from Sealy’. Sealy is the number one choice of bedding with the title of World's No.1 Selling Mattress for over 30 years. 100 million people worldwide are experiencing the benefits of a better night's sleep from Sealy. Over 125 years, Sealy has invested in rigorous research and development. This dedication to continuous improvement has culminated in the advanced patented technology found in every Sealy Posturepedic bed. Sealy maintains the world's largest and most advanced research and development center and testing laboratory. Sealy spends more time and resources on sleep research and product development than any other bedding manufacturer.
A well designed “comfort layer” in a sleeping mattress provides the ultimate comfort and conformability for one’s individual body shape. The innovative combination of premium comfort materials offer you a choice of comfort designed to suit your needs. Conforming body cushioning, combined with correct support, deliver entire muscle relaxation and eliminate pressure points, which restrict blood circulation. This means that you will enjoy deep restful sleep and wake up, ready to meet the challenges of a new day.
A mattress needs to offer superior support and cushioning to provide the deep-down orthopedically correct support the body needs for a relaxed and comfortable night’s sleep.
For the ultimate sleep experience, Sealy continue the tradition of combining leading edge technology with luxury appointments. Every bed is engineered to provide orthopaedically correct support, and designed to be an aesthetic masterpiece. In a world of mass manufacture, Sealy still handcrafts bed one at a time. Sealy’s highly experienced trades people are devoted to providing a level of quality that sets the standard in the bedding industry.
Sealy Posturepeadic has finally arrived in India offering four Collections
• Palatial Crest XT: Grand Royale (This is the top of the line
  technology which ‘Sealy’ has to offer to Indian customers.)
• Palatial Crest : Royal elegance & Royal Creation
• High Performance UniCased- Ruby, Pearl, Ivory, Diamond.
• High performance: Harmonious, Rejoice, Impulse.
After years of research and development, Sealy has developed various Coil system which are Patented Technology by them .To give a better support,
  • Sealy gives Dual Support System: It offers two kind of support:
  1. Synerflex surface micro-conforms to the body’s unique curves and contours for cradling support. It is floating surface, independently hinged, that minimizes partner disturbance.
  1. The posturetech innercore provides the deep-down support your body needs. This is the trusted and proven support at the heart of every Sealy Posturepedic.
  • The Unicased construction is found only in Sealy Posturepedic ensembles and is designed to minimize partner disturbance, provide edge-to-edge comfort and firm seating edge.
  • Posturetech ‘Sense and Respond’ Coil: The Sealy PostureTech coil design, supports and conforms to the unique shape of the human back and body as it moves through the night with exacting precision-a bed for everyone.
  • Edge Guard: EdgeGuard is an engineered, polyethylene insert placed around the entire perimeter of the mattress. The inclusion of EdgeGuard effectively extends the sleep surface by an average of 10% as well as providing a firm seating edge.

Using pressure mapping technology, Sealy establishes the pressure between the Human body and the sleep surface. How well a material or sleep system conforms to and supports the Human Body can objectively measured. This Measurement allows the development of products that minimize pressure points and equates.
Sealy Posturepedic delivers superior comfort from edge to edge, correct back support and long lasting durability. With more patents than any other bedding manufacturer, Sealy’s Research and Development team has developed a new product design that delivers the attributes and performance you want most in a sleep: unsurpassed comfort and support.
Sealy is leading the consumer recognition among mattress bands - 9 of 10 consumers are either very or somewhat familiar with the name (according to the 2007 HFN Brand Survey) and ranks No.9 among all furnishing brands (according to the 2009 Top20 Home Products Brands by HFN) and is one of the "America's Most Admired Companies" according to the American .
The Flagship Sealy Gallery has recently opened in the heart of the Capital at: A-14, Lajpat Nagar – IV, Main Ring Road, New Delhi-110024. No: 011-40591224. Another Sealy Gallery is opening soon in the happening city Hyderabad in South India.
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