Sunday 21 April 2013

The Week It Was

How's the Sunday coming, y'all? :D Its a lovely afternoon, not too hot for comfort but well, I light drizzle can always make it better. Weatherman, are you hearing? o.O

I was lazy-ing around my room when suddenly, I wanted to go clickety click. Let me tell ya, that was the best thing I did this afternoon :) Here is a little collage and a preview to the upcoming week ;)

The Oriflame hair mask. This tub of goodness is helping me get through the hot summer. Dry hair and heat, not a very combination :o I am loving how happy my hair is after ten minutes of this mask. My dear chubby tub, thank you so much :* Reviews needed anybody?

The Palmolive Thermal Spa body wash. OMG I could die, this is so so good ^_^ It smells so freakin' good, I have always wanted to eat it. What more? It has scrubbing action too and is oh-so-creamy! Boy, do I smell edible or do I smell edible after my bath? *winks* I was wanting to review it from so long, but always kept postponing :\ Will be up soon :)

The Sunsilk Straight hamper reached me recently and I am totally loving it :) It makes hair much manageable. Have you checked the review yet? 

Lakme Sun Expert when you don't like tanning. With a SPF of 24, this serves well when re-applied :) The yellowness is such a pretty sight in my cupboard ^_^

The Lakme's latest skin routine. This range includes a face wash, scrub and a mask. And guess what? It smells like strawberry ^_^ Also, I believe it has somewhere helped me handle my acne too. I don't break out crazy anymore. My skin is happy, healthy and I honestly think its the regular usage of this range that's doing me all good, though there are no claims as such :o A detailed review will be up in a couple of days :)

Pink nails. When everything fails, paint your nails pink and go indulge in some happy therapy. Make a choice to be happy. Pink will never fail you, my darling, never ;) 

I have a week full of very important exams ahead and I am pretty sure of performing well ;) Le me will go study now.I am planning to invest in a photo copy machine, 'cuz the amount of money I spend getting notes photocopied is too damn high. *rolls eyes*

How you doin'? *Joey's voice and eyes* 

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  1. waiting for the coming weeks...
    all the best for your exams....

    BTW Nammu how did u follow the 30day shread... i have downloaded and strted with level1 now... but wanted to know like how many days am i supposed do level1 n all...
    have u deactivated ur FB account????

    1. Thank you Rajani :) Umm I shall do a post on 30 day shred soon and answer all questions :) I did level 1 for almost 15- 18 days, until I was comfortable with it :) yea, until my exams get over :P I spend way too much time there -_-

    2. Ummm okay.. thank you.. :-) will be waiting for your post... BE back in action on fb soon... :P

    3. Yea, this week is pretty tight, I'll try my best to post one ASAP! Sure, I'll be there soon :) ;)


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