Sunday 24 February 2013

TRESemme Smooth and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Isn't it awesome when you discover something you thought you never had? I have had many such moments :D Like say, writing. Yea, writing it is. I am pretty darn good at it know? Whom am I kidding? I am like super awesome at it 8) Okay, awesome at it :) :D I never knew I was, because in school, I never really was The Writer Girl. Heck, the lowest of my Board marks was in English, and highest was Java :P Times change.*sigh*

So does hair.

OH YEA! I have super awesome hair. I just never really knew it. Until I chopped all the dryness and split ends away and started using TRESemme's Smooth and Shine range.

Those of you that have read from long, know how troublesome my hair has always been. Thickness, my friend, can easily become a frizzy mess. Apart from Sunsilk Black that worked for a while, nothing really had done much to my hair, until I chanced upon these bottles of Godness. Yea, Godness.

So what does TRESemme claim?

TRESemme - Professional results at home, everyday.

The Shampoo! :)
Salon Silk Moisture - For dry, rough hair
This product, with Vitamin H and silk protein  intensely moisturizes dry, rough hair. For hair that feels soft and smooth.
For best results, use with Smooth and Shine conditioner.

The conditioner! :)
Reads the same as above, but for best results, use with Smooth and Shine Shampoo.


 Rs.64/- for 100 ml of each

Shelf life : Two years from date of manufacture

Okay so the shampoo comes in the black bottle and the conditioner in white with a flip top cap bottle. Both the products come out easily even as the bottles go almost empty.

The shampoo - its a pretty white product with a creamy-runny consistency. I add in two-three drops of water and it spreads like dream through my scalp. It lathers well and gives a squeaky clean right after the first wash. I wash a second time in case I have oiled my hair. It cleanses well and leaves back a nice fragrance.

The conditioner - its a bright white creamy conditioner. I apply it after draining my hair off excess water and leave it on for at least 3 minutes. I wash it away with less-than-luke-warm water and seal with a cold blast of water.

That is it. Its been more than a month I am using this range and I must say, I am absolutely loving it. My hair is so much more manageable  smells good even after a day of washing and there is no hair fall or drying. I can say there is no frizz on the next day of washing. I usually don't put any serum on the day of washing if I am staying home.

Trust me when I say I have never had better hair. People these days actually compliment me on my hair and ask for product suggestions :P That IS a feat now!

Lets quickly sum up now!

What I love about the TRESemme Smooth and Shine range:

❤ Does every thing it claims - smooth, shiny, happy hair
❤ Affordable - one bottle lasts at least a month when hair is washed 3X a week, two washes each time
❤ Smells like spa :D
❤ No hair fall

What I don't love much?
❤ It contains SLS, which might be a cause of concern for some. But for me, not really. I am okay with it.
❤ It weighs down hair after 7-8 uses. Nothing major though, it can easily be gotten rid of a with a good clarifying shampoo. 

Overall, we are a very happy family ^_^

And this, is my happy hair washed today almost 4 hours ago. There is no product in it. Oh, and finger combed 8)

So do I recommend it?

Totally! If you are looking for an affordable range that actually does what it claims, go for it and you shall not regret it, my friend.

My rating?
4.5/5 -0.5 for the SLS and weigh down :\ 

What do you think? ;)

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  1. ooooh im super happy this worked for u too! fab pics <3

  2. great post :) i would have tried this but just recently decided to throw out all sls stuff from my life! :P
    ur hair look great in the last pic:)

  3. Congrats on the domain and superb it...kudos to ur friend who did it all :)

    and nice review as always...I have tried the other two variants and wasn't happy with either of them....might try this one sometime :)

  4. I love Tresemme too! Haven't tried their conditioner yet though I think I should sometime soon :)
    Nice review :)

  5. I like Tresemme too......It stopped my hairfall to a great extent :)

  6. great review... even i love Tresemme...

  7. can u pls tell me what are u referring by "weighing down"? Are u referring hair fall?

    1. No, weighing down means your hair feels limp, as in there will no crispness, it sort of falls heavily around. There will be hardly any bounce. Hope that helps!


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