Saturday 23 February 2013

AuraVedic Skin Polish Sandal Turmeric Review, Swatches

The other day I was sorting my cupboard and my dad came in, he wanted me to go to the nearby ATM center and change the password of his card, it had been a long time. I waved at him and started fixing my hair and took the vehicle key from him.He stood there scanning my cupboard and the whole lot of products and was about to exclaim on how I own the personal care section of the right-next-to-my-place Reliance Trends, when his eyes fell on the inside of the cupboard door. Yea, that is where I hang all of my neck pieces and hair accessories.

And then he walked away, clutching his card tighter.

This tub full of the lovely orange colored scrub was on my face then.

So what does the Auravedic Skin Polish Sandal Turmeric claim?

"Turmeric blended with red Sandal and Jojoba beads helps improve overall skin with age spots, hyper pigmentation, uneven skin tone and skin discoloration"

Ingredient list: Beeswax, sunfloweroil, kokum butter, mango butter, jojoba beads, red sandal extract, turmeric extract, olivem 1000 (olive derivatives) polymer granules, phenoxyethanol, sandalwood fragrance, purified water

Free of parabens, SLS, and Harmful chemicals

  • Not tested on animals
  • Keep out of eyes
  • Due to the high concentration of natural extracts, essential oils and floral waters, this product may not be suitable for all skin types.
  • For external use only
  • Store in cool dry place

Lets get down to business now. The moment I opened this tub of pure goodness, I was like, "ZOMG SANDALWOOOD!" Yea, the prominent fragrance of this scrub is sandalwood. 

The texture is perfect - creamy enough to glide, gritty enough to exfoliate. 

The instructions say - Scoop on to fingertips and gently massage over skin. Leave polish on skin for a few minutes before gently wiping it off with a cotton ball.

The scrub is a lovely orange in color and has prominent jojoba beads that feel nice on the face ^_^ 

But well, I never really could follow the instructions. This is what I do.

Apply generously on cleansed skin - scrub it for a good one minute with slight pressure - let it stay on my skin for at least 5-8 minutes - wash it away with water - moisturize.

Does it do what it is supposed to do? Oh yea, like a boss! It exfoliates real well and removes all the whiteheads and dead cells. My skin feels baby soft, trust me, baby soft. I have maximum trouble of whiteheads and gunk on my nose and this baby works almost perfect there too.
PS: Use warm water for better results.

About the skin tone claim, I really can't comment as my skin is going through a bad phase of acne right now and no scrub is allowed :P Scrubbing takes away the dead cells and makes way to new ones, and that must help fade age spots and blemishes, right?  I don't have any hyper pigmentation either. It does take away some of the sun discoloration (tan?!) if used right after tanning.

Lets summarize now!

What I love about Auravedic Skin Polish?

  • Works perfectly well as a scrub - removes the worst of the whiteheads and early blackheads.
  • Smoothens skin good enough to give you baby skin
  • Imparts a glow

What I love less about the polish?

  • It stings bad on dry/broken skin. I have this area of dryness around my nose and every time I leave the scrub on, it stings pretty darn bad. That has to be due to the presence of turmeric.
  • I wish it came in a tube. The tub packaging is pretty unhygienic and is a pain to take the product out when your hands are sopping wet.

My rating?

4/5  -0.5 for the sting and -0.5 for the tub packaging

Do I recommend this product? 

Absolutely yes! If you are looking for a product with least number of chemicals and actually does what it claims, then go for it. 

Let me know what you think ;)

PS: The product has been sent by the PR for review purpose. My opinions are honest, hand on heart.

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