Monday 25 February 2013


The hustle bustle of the world was at peak. The rush hour and the traffic jam proved as absolute evidence of the end of the day's work. The buses honked, bikes screeched and auto waalas abused. The wailing of the baby in front of her was becoming unbearable. More and more people got in, some got out of the jam packed bus. Some brushed against her and apologized, others stamped her foot and didn't notice. Her hand bag got heavier as the minutes passed by.
"I can't wait to be home, this is such a noisy infinite universe!", she thought.
Fifteen minutes from then, she was home. She splashed her face with cold water and made some hot tea. She slipped into her comfortable pyjamas and sunk to her bed.
"So we broke up today", she reminded herself. The last time she told it to herself before leaving office, and then, she needed some distraction.
Now, a million thoughts invaded her. Him, his talks, his smile, the places they went, the secrets they shared, the laughter, the fights that got ugly, the care and more.

"What is infinite?", she thought, "the world or the realms of the mind?"

PS: I wrote this after hearing to the best friend say, "What is infinite, the universe or the realms of the human mind?" I intend no intellectual piracy ;)

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