Wednesday 6 February 2013

Of Air Shows and Oompas!

I always thought oompa loompa is a super awesome word! Like you know, it rolls off the tongue, like that! *clicks finger* like that! But boy, I never knew how totally un-fun it is to be one. Okay so this is what happened. The Air Show 2013 is happening right opposite my college 8) I kid you not, stand on the terrace and jump high provided you are tall, and be rest assured you will catch a sexy jet's wheels and land on the runway. *Do jets have wheels? :o Well lets think about it if you land safe ;) * So, we, the proud people of NMIT, mass bunked classes and ran to all possible terraces and empty buildings where we had unhindered view of the show. The look on the security personnel who were around college then, price less :D

Army guys are cute or what? I am still crushing on a dozen of them! What with smexy bods, cool glares and OMFGLOOKATHIMICANTSTOPDROOOOOLING handsome faces? :o Oh, and I winked at one of them and he smiled and waved :D Ohh yeaa :D

I so want to be a pilot right now, you know. My first aspiration was to be a pilot. But then, Lord played cruel games and I never continued vertical elongation after reaching 5 feet and almost-two-inches. Ho hum. And then, I wanted to be a airhostess 8) Those lame ass commercials about how being fair totally made people airhostesses looked sensible to my 12 year old. *Yea, I was crazy dumb back then. Well, who wasn't? ;) *
But well, mom was darn sure of airplanes being hijacked and her darling daughter being trapped with a bunch of cute yet helpless pilots. *Actually, she just wanted me to stop cleaning dirty windows with her stoles. I was so proud of cleaning all dirty windows with mom's super soft stoles. How on earth would I know they cost a bomb? :\ That airhostess on that fairness cream commercial wiped away dust with the stole she was wearing! Beat that! You are a nineties kid if you remember that ad now ;) *

After that I wanted to be Taylor Swift. I would sing into my hair brushes and pretend I was Tay.

After that, reality hit me hard and I took up B.E. #BackToSadLife

With my daddy dearest working in HAL, it is pretty understandable that I have always been fascinated by planes :) I have attended almost all the air shows that have happened here in Bangalore. May be that is why I wasn't too excited this time :D But as soon as the Sukoy hit the sky, boy, I forgot my sunscreen and ran with the rest of the mad crowd to see those might giant iron birds 8) We camped by the side of a railway track :P That is illegal, I know. But we made friends with the security there ^_^ They shooed us away every time a train came and let us back on tracks to sit and throw stones and hoot and have fun! All through six hours, I never realized the horror. I mean everybody looked fine. I did feel my nose reddening, but my friends shook away my concerns making statements about my unnatural obsession with my nose. Hmph! :@ You can never observe skin getting tanned, right? Then I came home and took bath. Lalala.

And then I looked into the mirror and WTF! Horror! A very pretty oompha loompha was staring at me, with the same amount of astonishment in her eyes. Trust me when I say this, I couldn't believe my eyes. After two minutes of eye contact followed by bringing down the roof with a super sonic scream, I ran for dear life face to my grandma. She made some complicated concoction with cream and other yummy things I so wanted to gulp down but was denied access to 'cuz well, they were for the concoction :\ :\ Now I am, sitting here, typing this, trying to lick the mask off my face but failing 'cuz the radius my tongue could cover has resulted in a circular no-mask patch. *tries to push tongue out*

Lesson learnt: Never ever never go out in harsh sun without re-applying sunscreen. Re-apply sunscreen every two hours.REAPPLY.

PS: I am officially attending Air Show this Saturday! *Wooot!*

PPS: I have had a very important question grueling my brain all afternoon. Do airplanes have honks? I mean what do they need honk for? :P

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  1. ROFL!!! I never ever used sunscreen in my life!Me too hav crush on those military people(especially airforce) which has led me to make my BF apply for air force lol!


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