Thursday 7 February 2013

Life is a Fairytale and Maybelline New York India “IT DOESN’T LAST LONG ENOUGH” Contest!

Here is a quickie! *Think straight, perv!* Maybelline New York India's Twitter page is hosting an awesome contest running from tomorrow morning to evening. You, the divas, have to tell them, what doesn't last long enough ;) 

Maybelline New York asked girls to share what was on their mind.
Be it weekends, flings, kisses, boyfriends or their shopping funds, the hottest topic on the Maybelline New York Girl's mind is “IT DOESN’T LAST LONG ENOUGH” 
Girls, do you feel the same way? Tell us what you wish lasted longer!

is what, they said ;)

So starting tomorrow morning, use the hash tag #doesntlastlongenough and tweet  @Maybellineindia, making sure you tag them in all your tweets! :) 

Oh, and a surprise that ‘Lasts as long as you do.’ Tweet to them to know what it is! They will be revealing ‘it’ at their outdoor reveal event which is taking place on 8th Feb at @ Phoenix mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai ;)

The rules are super simple! 

1. Follow the blog here via GFC. (Compulsory)
2. Follow @Maybellineindia on Twitter. (Compulsory)
3.Tweet! (Compulsory)
3. Like thier FB page and comment on the post here ;) (Compulsory)
5. Tag @NamithaKashyap and this page URL and tweet too! :) (Just to let me know that you've entered from my blog. 

That is it! The quirkiest answer from my blog wins a prize! *Woot* The comments will be published here on Friday evening and the winner will be announced ASAP. The winning tweet will be featured till Saturday! :) So get working already! Get creative, get pervy, get witty ;) Tweet away :) I'll join you guys in the evening 'cuz I'll be at the Air Show from tomorrow morning ^_^ 

All the best guys! :)

PS: The contest starts tomorrow morning and ends in the evening. Please do not tweet before that :)

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