Sunday 3 February 2013

I think I need these

Here comes February :D *wooot!* Why you ask? 'Cuz its my birthday month :D I am totally self obsessed that way. *Other way too, though :P * 3 days into the month I realized my wish list isn't here *gasp* So I compiled a nice list of wishes ^_^ A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?

2013 has been exceptionally sweet and nice for me, what with nice grades and happy mommies. Oh I never told you guys my grade point this time? Its an 8.2 :D A wee bit lesser than last time but missy is happy ^_^

So lets lust now?

Polka Dotted Ruffle Sleeve Top

The day I saw this baby at Zara, I fell head over heels. I know I know, this ain't an out of the world.. WHOM AM I KIDDING? I love the polka-ness!

Floral Shoes

Its official. I'll never grow over shoes. Floral print shoes? *droooool!*

Heart Sunglasses

♥_♥ Much? So cute know? I found one at RayBan the other day, think its time to buy it yeah? ;) Oh, I would settle for a toy one too :D 

Teal Statement Neck Piece

Eternally wanting this baby! I mean look at that! Teal is the color I'll always heart. 

Denim Shirt

I can't stop thinking of the infinite ways of styling that denim shirt. Boy, oh boy! 

Lace Dress

Do I love this? Or do I love this?
*Yea, never gonna get over lace!* 

Jeweled Hair Band

DIY much may be?

I think I need Cecelia Ahern novels. More of them.  

I am freakin' out of books to read! :o Suggest some books? 

Oh, I just realized I didn't lust after any lovey dove-y stuff :P The Valentine bug hasn't caught me yet, I guess :P 

So what are you lusting after this month? 

Image sources: All are from Pinterest. I couldn't trace back to the original source. If you own any, mail me your concern. 

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  1. Floral shoes!! :) its my bday month too ;)

  2. i have similar floral shoes, in lighter shades!
    and ive read wer rainbows end , its so sweet :)
    loved ur list :)

  3. Lovely list! I love 'em all:)
    wish you a grand birthday in advance!
    Best, Zia

  4. You always make me smile.. hope these lusts will come true soon!

    Greetings from Dubai!
    New post :

  5. Are you an aquarian?. My birthday was on 21st Jan and I scored tons of stuffs in SALE. Hoping that all your wishes would come true this month

    1. Yea I am :D Me going shopping asap :D thanks Opal :)


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