Tuesday 29 January 2013

Fashion Police on Rounds : Stardust Awards 2013

I know I know, I am terribly late posting this. *Really? :P* Okay no, I am just exaggerating.  There are so many award ceremonies happening, the Fashion Police has to churn out the best posts know? With proper police-ing and all? ;)

Here is my take on the Stardust Awards 2013! Read on to know who left a mark and who, well, an ugly mark ;) 

Alia Bhatt. I think I am done with my share of prom dresses. This floor length dress one is nothing special though, just adds to her cuteness. I particularly like her hair in this one. 

PeeCee bagged awards for her performance and applauds for her outfit. I quite like this outfit, simple and daring and accentuates her lean figure. 

Aditi Rao in a disco ball dress. I like her shoes and that clutch. Oh and wee bit, the dress too. 

Bipasha in an olive yellow Gucci gown. That purple clutch is a killer there. Oh, the shoes! Trust Bips to carry any outfit. Thumbs up!

Mini Mathur looks fabulous! I mean super awesome! Don't think so yet? See below ;)

Love the blue and the golden! +1 from me ^_^

Sophie Choudary, this time, you nailed it right! What's not to love here? The white, the silver, the bling and the makeup! Perfection is what it is 8) My favorite of all ^_^ 

Mugdha Godse in a daring slit up and down. Who else is lusting after those gorgeous earrings? *dies*

Shazahn Padamsee looks super pretty in this coral dress. I love the adorable neck line. Elegant much?

Chitrashi Rawat in a purple sequin dress. I like the dress and the lippie. May be a better clutch and shoes would have made her stand out more. She looks too casual for an award ceremony, IMO. Umm yellow shoes and clutch may be? Or silver? 

Anushka Sharma in a freakin' hot Armani gown. I mean ruffles dude! I love ruffles. +1 But seriously, this girl is getting awesome by day! Way to go lady \m/ Love the makeup too ^_^ Messy hair FTW! 

Divya Dutta in a black and marron saree. Meh. 

Parineeti Chopra in a Manish Malhotra creation. I like it, especially the work on the sleeve, choli and the neck. But don't we deserve some variety? Hadn't she donned a similar outfit recently? 

Raageshwari in a plain white dress. Monochrome working here yea? 
Note to self: Next post, monochromes! 

Jiah Khan wore a bright orange dress with nude heels. I am not so sure I like it, but I don't hate it either. 

OMFGHIJKL! >.< What on Earth, Rakhi? First, the tacky print. Second, the obscene skin show. *Skin is a very mild word here* Third, the awful pose. Fourth, the shoes. Epic Fail. 

Monica Dogra. Umm, what is happening here, darling? You want us to trace a trashy rectangle from the navel and up? Alright alright, that was gross. But so is this outfit :\ 

Rekha in timeless Kanjeevaram. 

Shahana Goswami. I am all in with the cover up every where and show some skin at once ;) That clutch = supah kewl! *Read in a wannabe teen voice*

I am officially giving up on Sonakshi Sinha. I mean this girl, has got a lovely curvy body. Why oh why doesn't she wear stuff that flatter her? What is UP with this lame blue sack and dull black belt? Did she like go tea-leaves-picking?  Oh and somebody please chop some fringes for her. Such a waste of a beauty! 

*yawns* I mean really? Isn't she still done with Sabyasachi already? Okay lets do a thing.
Dear Mr.Sabyasachi, please please make new clothes for your most loyal customer. We are freakin' sick of her sarees and single pallus and sarees and oh! Never mind! *yaaawwwns*

My fav is Ms.Choudhary, Bips, PeeCee and Anushka Sharma. The hated ones, pretty obvious, right? ;) 

Let me know what you think ;) 

PS: All the images have been taken from various sources after Google-ing. If anybody wants me to take them down, mail me your cause and I shall take them down immediately. 
PPS: This post is to be read with a sense of humor. If you don't have it, don't read :P I don't intend to hurt anybody! 

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  1. Agree with u,
    Rakhee looks like a wax statue :P

  2. awesome compilation Nammu.... ur writings are like a stress buster for me :D I have always loved the Fashion Police thing on your blog...

  3. I am not too familiar with these actresses/stars but I am pretty sure they are huge here in Dubai. I agree with your review, some are tastefully dressed but some, ouch! Tacky is the word!

    Greeting from Dubai!
    Check out my new post :)

    1. Haha :D Mrs C, your comments always make me happy! :) Thank you :)

  4. seriously vidya balan *yawn*
    and what is the matter with Sonakshi? doesnt she have any mirrors?

    1. LOL :D Vidya Balan, I think she should be the brand ambassador for him :P Sonakshi! Don't even get me started on her :\


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