Wednesday 9 January 2013

The Common Dating Mistakes Women Do

Its been a while I updated the relationship section yea? ;) This time I thought I'll be a lil partial to the guys ;) The last time we told what girls want, this time I'll list down some mistakes that we *ahem* girls do that put them off.

PS: I know, this has to be the most BAM! I AM ON TO THE TOPIC I have ever started, but I am just out of a heated argument with random men on Facebook telling us what to wear to stop getting raped. You know me, I can't keep my mouth shut.
PPS: Sorry about the SHOUT-Y caps :P


So what are the very few mistakes we girls do? ;) *Very few 8)*

1. We are crazy jealous and possessive.
This, my friend, is one of the biggest reasons there are fights. We know she is just a friend. We also know she has a boyfriend. We are super sure she is not hitting on him. Our Inner Goddess is calm and composed 'cuz she knows there is nothing to freak out. *Excuse the Fiftys obsession please!* And yet, we get crazy jealous and freak out. *gulp* I think the underlying reason for this is insecurity about ourselves. And that happens when we compare ourselves to 'that' girl. I suggest you not to worry when there is nothing to. Let the poor chap breathe :P

2. Try to change him
There is this popular joke which goes like -
Who is a girlfriend?
A lady who changes everything about a man - his hair, the way he laughs, the way he walks and the way he talks, the way he dresses and and the way he smiles.
And after an year, throws a tantrum saying "YOU HAVE CHANGED!"
True much? Stop trying to change him. Everybody has good and bad in them. How would you feel if he attempted to change him? To have a happy relationship, you've got to accept him as a whole and love him, flaws and all :)

3. We stop trying
Don't we all? After the first few dates and initial months, it all gets cooled down. We stop dressing up for him. Show up in sweatpants and messed hair. I ain't saying you've got to be perfect and be presentable every time. He will love you whether you are in sweats or shorts. But being nice and presentable shows you have made an effort to be nice. Don't overdo it though, you don't want to come across as fake.

4. We stop being nice
Isn't it so sad? At one point we were treating them like fragile dolls whom we never wanted to offend? What happened to being nice to people? When he is the one that matters so much, then be nice to him :) The next time you want to be crazy spiteful, slow down. Don't do something you know you'll regret/ Be nice and sweet, he deserves it after all.

5. Being Overly Obsessed
That is out right awful. Let him have his space. A million messages an hour asking him where he is, with whom, why, when, what for for every minute will drive him nuts. Let him have his guy time. And no, you can't substitute his guy friends. There are a little over a thousand things we won't understand anyway. When we don't understand, we can't reciprocate and well, that is sure to be a fight :D Give him his guy time and let him have fun. Meanwhile, engage yourself with your girlfriends or your other hobbies.

6. Nagging
Stop it, already. *rolls eyes* Don't give him grief over stuff. Don't rewind previous fights and keep telling him why he is wrong.Everybody deserves a break. He too ;)

Okay :D I have tried my level best to list out common concerns :P With no male inputs though. YouKnowWhy.

Let me know what that you do pisses him off :P
Or what your girl does that pisses you off, Mister ;)

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  1. hahaha . . . lol . . .LOVELY POST :D

  2. loved it :D very true points u have mentioned :D

  3. thats nice post! i guess im doing it xD

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  4. Great post dear!Thanks for visit my blog!I follow you too!!Kiss

  5. hahahaha... nice post Nammi..
    its most of the time me not texting him properly pisses him off... ;)

  6. ROLF super funny post but rightly put... you know the best part? we all girls know that these are the things that we do wrong but we still do it ;) :P
    btw you've really been bitten by the 50 Shades bug babe! :P *rolls eyes* ;)

    1. You shall not roll eyes at my Fifty :D Absolutely :P The nagging and the guy time part LOL :D

  7. so true..well I do dress well n wont stop that :D but questions, nagging..umm...inbuilt in us ? :p


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