Tuesday 8 January 2013

Must Resolutions 101! *Not Really!*

I love growing my hair :D And the chopping it off :) KIDDING! I love love love long hair, but well, long damaged locks better be gone. *Sigh* I finally chopped them off today and absolutely love how my hair feels. There is this amazing stylist in R.P.C.Layout (Hampinagar from recently) who owns this crazy adorable saloon. She is a darling! She knows what hair cuts suit what textures and face shapes. See the length below? I had asked her to chop off length mercilessly. She still tried her best to give maximum length while getting rid of all the damage. If you guys stay in and around Vijayanagar, shoot me a mail and I shall give you further details. She is so AMAZING!

Excuse the false smile :D its a pain to get all hair under camera and look fun doing it ;) Also, I haven't done much justice to the cut. Its fab-er :D *whips hair*

Moving on, my parents are back from Delhi and so is my darling camera. They bought crazy loads of accessories and colored jeans :D *lil dance* I am re-inventing my wardrobe in 2013, I think.

Here are my fashion and beauty resolutions! *Is it too late? :o *gasps** ;)

1. Experiment. Really :D I am not a very experimental person when it comes to my cupboard. This year, I plan on including quirky trends and get a little off my comfort zone ;)

2. Tone tone tone. Yea, a toner is crazy helpful when it comes to fighting acne and keeping blemishes at bay. I have started using one from a month and though it hasn't given me over night results, it sure is helping drying whatever pimples I get.

3. Take care of my hair. I have to. I can't afford to keep chopping length like that. I just bought home Tresemme range after reading fabulous reviews, lets see how it goes :) I have my hopes on!

4. Use a sunscreen regularly.

5. Stop picking my face. *squirms*

6. Paint my nails more often. And do more nail art.

7. Buy more of polka dots. They make me happy.

8. Lace. Period.

9. Workout more regularly.

10. Wear my best clothes *almost* everyday. I have recently found a way to handle a bad day. Dress extra fab.

11. Moisturize like a boss.

12. Get more of funky accessories.

What are your resolutions? Shoot comments and let me know :) I shall go click some pictures now ;)

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  1. whoa! you look awesome! and the new hair look super fab! :D ♥ and yup connect with all your resolutions especially the "Moisturise like a boss" one :P
    Love the way you write babe! :)

  2. good start to the year and those are some great resolutions. keep going strong :)

  3. loved reading ur resolutions :)
    n u look great in the pic

    1. Thank you Poorva! Let me know your resolutions :)

    2. i posted them on my blog a few days back :) do check them out :)

  4. they are some great resolutions.. I should follow some of them to :)
    Happy New Year :)
    xxx Marina
    beautiful me plus you by Marina Bergmann

  5. Nice hair cut :)
    and yeah cool resolutions... :)
    my resolutions are get more into workout regularly and customize my wardrobe...... :D

  6. btw u looking pretty in second pic... ^_^

  7. Looks great on you! My resolution is to stop being so lazy.. Only then can I think of more resolutions :P

    1. Thank you Neha :D Goood luck with it :D Hehe :D

  8. All ur resolutions are on good to go! :)
    Btw which toner u using? And you will love Tresemme!

    1. Thanks doll :) I am using Apple Cidar Vinegar diluted :) No other chemicals for me doll :) I'll put a detailed post on proper usage cuz it can burn skin if wrongly used!
      Really? I so wish it works :D

    2. Waiting for your post!:)

    3. ASAP! :D I need to really check the results ;)

  9. Oh dear , I also love to grow my hair , but unfortunately they never agree to grow more than my shoulders :(
    Ahan , following you back dear :)

    Aree With Umbrella

    1. Aaww! I hope they get as good as you do sweetie! :)
      Thank you <3

  10. great post! I love indian beuty <3 would you like to follow each other?


  11. Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment!!! Oh my god, you're really pretty!!! Follow you, love your blog!!!
    kisses my new friend!! Love India

  12. Hey, there Namitha! Great choice of resolution, infact I can do with some like - Take care of my hair and the sun-block especially when I live in a sunny all year long city, Dubai. Can never be too careful, right? Anyway, thanks for visiting my page, I truly appreciate it. I am a follower on Bloglovin' (I love that site, easy to use) and hope we can keep in touch :)

    Greetings from:

  13. I have almost the Same list of resolutions. lets hope we live each 'n 'every resolution
    cheers !!

  14. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. It made my day!
    Love your new hair cut!

  15. Thanks SO MUCH, dear! :)
    I also love your beautiful blog and I am your newest follower.

    And by the way, your new year resolutions sound great - I really had to laugh when it came to polka dots and lace. :D

    Xx, Sara.


  16. Oh My!!!
    You look soooo pretty in the first pic...


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