Thursday 24 January 2013

Quirky Babeness

When God was building my mind, apparently, he was very bored. Ya know, same kind of people, same way of thinking. Boring. Duh. So, he installed extra things in my brain : 

1. A Random Thought Generator
2. A time function that works in a very haphazard fashion

And that is why, I end up switching topic from topic easily. Forget switching, heck, I don't even stay in a topic for long enough to let the other person think. I also have a very vivid imagination. Like umm, lets do a thing. Let's spill coke on my keyboard and analyze its working when it is in fluid environment. 

My mother calls it being careless and hopeless though.

Never mind. Great people and their thinking were never acknowledged in their time. 

PS: I stole that line from my best friend, he over uses it. * face palm*
PPS: The above theory, is also by him. *grins wide*

So this outfit below and the not-so-elegant-and-model-like poses were well, posed, when my random thought generator was working in full swing. 

My girlfriend thought I looked fabulous. So I do look fabulous know? 

*She is NOT allowed to give me any other feedback is another story*

I am not certified retard, by the way :)

Aaaaaand it begins!

This hair clip = babeness! How cute is that?!

Spot the difference between the first picture and this ;) Answer in the end of the post ;) No, the words aren't valid difference :\

My Miss Bennett wallet, Ray Ban Animal Print sunglasses and Mr.Owl

Love Mr.Owl! My best friend says he feels as if the owl is totally looking through his soul :D

You know what is the latest object of my narcissism indulgence? My hair ^_^

One sane picture. Because random people in bus stop will freak out if I am in my natural state of existence. 

This pair is my over-used pair. Love the pop of color! 

I am the Bat Woman!

Top - Showoff - Bought for Rs.450/- when 50% Off Sale was on
Capris - Cherokee - 1k 
Ray Ban - Gift
Shoes - Rs.150/- Tiny store in Rajajinagar
Clip - Rs.50 - Tiny store in Brigade Road
Owl Bracelet - Gift
Swaroski Crystal Pendant - 2k

Answer to the question that was asked above: Didn't you notice Mr.Owl's mustache in the first picture? How cute know?! :D 

So, what do you think? ;)
*Ya, totally my face when I was typing that line above*

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  1. HAHAhahahahahahaha... I noticed d difference.. nice outfit... YOu look super chick... :-) loved your pout on last pic...! YOU have a great style sense sweety..!!!

  2. Justt lovee your owl cuff. Great Look !!

  3. awww ur such a cutie!
    and loved ur outfit and all the accessories:)

  4. Your hair looks really pretty. Lovely accessories too :) Great OOTD

  5. You are one quirky and cute girl oftentimes hilarious with great sense of dressing :) Have a nice day!

    Greetings from Dubai!

    1. Mrs C! Your screen name always make me smile :) thank you tons! <3

  6. Your pics are like a breath of fresh it!! Awesome shoes especially and your top, love it!!

  7. I meant fresh air..sorry for the typo..:-)

    1. Hehe thank you Shruti :) No probs with the typo ;) I assumed ;)


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