Friday 25 January 2013

~ I Am The Awesome Contest ~ - *Facebook Exclusive* *CLOSED*

♕ Its contest time on Life is a Fairytale! Ladies and Gentlemen (if any :P), welcome the Facebook Exclusive Contest, 'I Am The Awesome!' January, February and March are my favorite months ♥ For me, its all about love and my loved ones ♥ *Oh, and my birthday month too ;) * And this time, I want to share some love on Facebook only ;) Lets look at the goodies now!

There will be six winners and each wins a goodie bag and customized Life is a fairytale merchandise! Guess what? The goodies are worth 3k+! *Wooot!!*

The Rules! 

1. The contest is open for Indian residents with a valid postal address.
2. Please get parental permission if you are less than 18 years of age.

Okay now, officially welcoming,

♥ ♥ ♕ I AM THE AWESOME Contest ♕ ♥ ♥ 

This contest is all about flaunting. Flaunting anything in red, pink or white. You guessed it, it is because these colors symbolize love like bosses 8) 

The rules are easy peasy!

1. Inbox us a picture of yours wearing anything in either red, pink or white, or all colors combined ;) It can be a dress, shoes, clips, jewelry, lipstick, eye liner, nail art, your dog, anything! (Okay no, you can't flaunt your pup :D) That picture should connect with you, or represent you. 
You can send us either one picture, or a collage of maximum 4 pictures. 
The pictures shouldn't have any watermarks and can have basic editing only. 
You have to send us individual pictures only. Group pictures and cropped pictures are not valid. 
Self portraits as well as tripod ones are cool too :D If its full blown narcissism clicked by your bestie, way to go! \m/ 
You have to compulsorily send us one full length picture if its a dress. 
Compulsorily, tell us within 300 words, why you are sending us that particular picture of yours, what inspired you to make it a representation of you. 
**Extra entry: Tell us that one thing you love about yourself and why** 
**Another extra entry: Tell us that one thing you love about the person you love the most and why**
Compulsorily, Give it a caption - 'I Am The ______________________ ' Fill in the blank with that one word that describes you and your picture. 
Eg: I Am The Quirky
I Am The Insane
We are okay with any pictures - DSLR clicked or Instagram clicked! Just make sure the resolution is good enough and the picture looks like what you intend it to be ;) 
Remember, its all about red, pink and white! :)
Get as creative as possible ;) 

2. We shall upload your pictures with our watermarking in an album titled 'I Am The Awesome' Contest. 

3. The winners will be chosen on the following basis:

First Winner : The participant who gets the maximum number of likes.
Second Winner: The participant with the second maximum number of likes.
Most Innovative Entry: The participant with the most innovative and creative entry independent of the number of likes. 

The other three entries will be decided by the panel depending on the originality, creativity, styling and implementation. The more original, the better! ♥ 

The gift amount 3K+ is divided among the 6 participants ;) You'll see as the contest progresses, we shall update you. C'mon, a little suspense is always fun ;)

Here are some fundamentals :)

1. For participation, you have to be a follower of Life is a Fairytale via Google Friend Connect and also should like Life is a Fairytale.
2. The photos posted on the page are not valid. You have to inbox us your entry, your name, the name you have used to follow the blog on GFC and a valid email address that we can contact you on. You can also mail us on
3. For a like on your entry to be valid, the person should also like Life is a Fairytale. For example, if XYZ likes your entry, for XYZ's like to be counted, XYZ should also like Life is a Fairytale page.
4. You can share, tweet, +1 your entry. You can also share it on your blog (if you have) for likes. Do it any number of times, we won't complain ;)
5. Accounts created solely for the purpose of entering and liking will be disqualified.
6. Please use your images only. Fake images (like somebody else's pictures, downloaded from Internet) will be disqualified and banned. We know how to check the authenticity, so please be honest :) We hold the right to ban an entry and disqualify the participant in case of any malpractice. 
7.Depending on the number of entries, we hold the right to include elimination rounds. 
8.When we count the likes on each entry, we will also cross check whether XYZ has liked our page. If not, that like will not be counted. Say you have 58 likes on your entry, and 14 likers haven't liked the page, then your likes are counted as 58-14=44 :( So make the rules clear to your fans :) 
10. Extra entry means an extra vote from us if you get selected after elimination round. Its a weightage of two more votes ;) 
9. Multiple entries are allowed. However, only one entry from each person will be considered for the goodie bags. 
10. The contest ends at 12 AM on march 2nd, 2013. No likes after 12 AM are considered. We will maintain a database of that.
11. The winners will be announced on 4th March, 2013.
12. All the six winners will be featured on Life is a Fairytale :) 

That is pretty much it! We shall update the rules as and when required. 

For any clarifications, inbox us and we shall reply ASAP! ♥

PS: This is very very special for us :) We hope it will be to you too! ♥

Let the flaunting begin! :D ♥

All the best you guys! ♥ ♥

Facebook page - here :)

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  1. :D getting prepared for the same :P

  2. oooh fabulous contest :D listen, is it ok if i send you a picture that I have already used on my blog?

    1. Sure Samyukta, no problem :) Just make sure there is no watermark on it :) Can't wait to see! <3

    2. oooh awesome! sending right away :D

    3. Sure! :D Send and start sharing ;)


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