Friday 4 January 2013

Pink and Black 2 Book Review

The bestest thing god ever made was love. WHOM AM I KIDDING? He made peanut butter! *Slurp!* Oh and milkmaid! Okay, so I just spent the last two hours gorging on scoops of peanut butter :D And no, not an ounce of guilt. Its my guilt pleasure.

Okay, now that the introduction with no connection with the post has been made, I shall triumphantly move on the review.

Pink and Black 2 is the brain child of Tishaa Khosla, who has previously penned down the first book of the series, Pink and Black.

What does the book reveal before you open it? ;)

Tiana’s school year has just started and looks bleak already. Her boyfriend is concerned they ‘don’t connect anymore’, her best friends are being super nasty, her lunch group has been taken over by newcomers, and the final nail in the coffin: a blast from the past, whom she believed she had left behind forever, has moved to Hill View High.

Will anything go right for Tiana as she juggles friends old and new, tries to stay in her teachers’ good books, and, most importantly, attempts to keep all the boys at bay while she figures out her own feelings?

Find out in this funny yet moving sequel to the bestselling Pink or Black, as Tishaa brings alive all the high drama at high school with wit and understanding.

Because sometimes the things you least expect are the most meant to be. 

The cover of the book had gotten me so curious from the day I received it! Having read Princess Diaries and Cecelia Ahern novels for the sheer cuteness of the cover, this book had kept me intrigued for so long! I finally caught up with it last night and here I am penning it typing it down.

Tiana is a posh school high school-er. The story starts with her and her friends, Bella, Leila, Karam and others starting a new school year with the bitter past year. They all stay in a residential school and are your regular typical teenagers. Excuse the generalization, but I couldn't help but compare the similarity of the story with Gossip Girl. Best friends' showdown, other friends having to take sides, ultra cool parents. I certainly would say Gossip Girl is many times mature and grown up and this book is mild and goes easy.

So yea, all through the year, Tiana struggles with problems with her bestie, gets ignored and is forced to sit with a table of people whom she has never found pleasing. Her behavior towards anybody isn't her own, its all due to her friends or some misunderstanding.

Tiana is the goody two shoes that everybody adores according to their own wants and hates when she does anything that goes against them. She undergoes a breakup, deals with psychotic (not really) cousin and weirder boys.

Being the one that is always right, she ends up in a drama for no fault of her own and gets the worst punishment in school.

How does she come out of it? Or, is the punishment that bad? Will it make it better for her if she gets her friends back? Or, are they her friends after all these? Should she go to her new friends that backed her? You go read and see ;)

Characters wise, Tiana is pretty strong a character. She is confused and might as well be a doormat, but she has the sense to do the right thing at the end. All's well that ends well they say :)

The friends are all the same, except for one Karam.

I don't want to reveal the plot ;)

I quite liked the way of writing. Its young and easy to follow. Its like listening to your friends quipping in. Provided, they are 14-16 year olds :o

I will be honest, its a great book for teenagers and ones that like light reading. Its a breezy book and gets over soon. The plot is predictable at some places, not so at others.

Would I recommend the book? Well yea, if you a teenager and like reading such books. If you are into profound novels and deeper plots and thicker thoughts, then you might not really find it fun.

My sister infact, loved the book. She is 13 and she is still unable to get over all the drama and is filled with sympathy for the lead character. "Poor poor Tiana :( Her friends are so mean :( Mine also can be so horrible at times :(" Apologies I was rolling my eyes all the while :D

She and her sappy serials on V!

Hmm! So that is it for the review :)

Do check out the book if the criteria fits you ;)
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  1. i had read the first part of this ages ago, when it was released and had quite liked it:)
    i didnt know a second part existed :) sounds good:)

    1. I haven't read the first part Poorva :) Do give a try :)

  2. nice review... :P
    loved the last pic....

  3. Good hold on words..
    Nice review..
    Keep it up.. Best wishes..


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