Sunday 6 January 2013

Cinnamon Coffee

Here is Part 1, new readers :)

✿  Chapter 2..

He rushed out of the door and unlocked the car. Bringing the ignition to life and setting the gear, he realized he hadn't opened the gate. She giggled as he haplessly looked at her and smiled a sheepish smile.

How could anyone not melt at that gorgeous smile of his?

She sauntered to the gate and opened the gate achingly slow. "Oh my", she thought, "I have almost forgotten how much fun it is to tease him!", and she smiled wider as she thought more. "He has so gonna pout right now!", her mind grinned.

"Can you like open it a little faster, Ms.I Am A Housewife?", he yelled from the car. Shocked, she looked in his direction to find a blazing set of eyes full of anger and disgust. "Unlike you, darling, I have to go work. Those ridiculously priced stilettos don't come for free! Now, if you don't mind, I have office to attend. Get the hell out of my way!"

She didn't how she had stifled her tears from the gate back to the couch. She sunk to the floor as tears ran down her cheeks to her neck. What had just happened? She was in a rude shock.

Her brain was numb. First with sadness, then with anger. "What in the world did he just do?", she thought. "Who does he think he is?" The smirk on the nasty neighbor's face hadn't gone unnoticed by her. "Oh, now I am fresh gossip for their kitty party", she thought.

Thoughts poured on her like a heavy rain. She couldn't help but think of all the horrible things he had done in the past two months. He never had time for her, never found her worth an opinion. All he did at home was work, watch some shitty television and sleep. Most of the days he arrived home at such times that she would be too groggy to talk. And the morning, work was his wife.

"What has happened to us?", she thought.

They were high school sweethearts. They were best friends for years before they fell in love with each other. Building a life together wasn't easy. Amidst less than satisfactory support from parents, they had sworn to love each other for eternity.

He had always been her everything. Her best friend, her knight in shining armor. Her prince charming. they were the happening couple, a couple that many adored, and many more were jealous of. He was such a hopeless romantic. He held her at the most unexpected times, tickled her breath off her and made her laugh so bad that her tummy hurt. He had always been there for her through her best and worst times.

Being married was the best thing that had happened to them. They had made a cosy home for themselves, a little castle away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

She smiled fondly at the memories.

Day by day they had drifted apart, without acknowledging the distance.

"We shall never go to bed angry", he had told her. "Yes, we will stay up and plot revenge", she had completed him. He had laughed his heart out and made love to her.

But these days, they hardly spoke, let apart laugh. She had tried speaking to him, but he had always brushed it off. "C'mon, we are not perfect. We have our issues. Don't freak out!" and pulled her into an embrace. And she had forgotten it all, safe and warm in him.

She couldn't hold back her tears as more memories flooded her eyes.

"I quit the job because he wanted me to give him time", she reminded herself. "And I am not letting him treat me like a door mat anymore". She was determined. She wiped her tears and was steadying herself up, when her phone rang.

"Is it Mrs. Varun?", a female voice squealed.

"Yea, may I know who is speaking?" , her voice was hoarse from all the weeping.

"Maam, we have some news for you", the female voice sounded concerned.

Her mouth fell apart and her breathing lost the pace. Her heart was at her mouth and sweat moistened her palm, almost dropping the phone.

"Yes, I will be there", she hurriedly snapped the call and ran to her cupboard, shaking and praying.

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  1. OMg....... WAT happened? WHy you stopped at this point?
    AWesome compilation....
    WAy to go gal... :-)

  2. Want the next fasssttttt :(


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