Thursday 17 January 2013

Of Birthdays and Happiness

An year ago, on January 17th, at around 6 PM, a girl was struck with an idea. Just having finished her semester exams, the IT wizard *no exaggeration, really!* wanted a way out of the real world. She needed a place to vent her feelings out with no censor, put across her opinions and give some attention to the writer in her. Oh and use emoticons! :) :D ;)
Thus, Life is a Fairytale was born in a crappy computer with a crappier internet connection  Today, there is a brand new computer, but the internet connection remains crappy. #BSNL, FML!

I have penned typed down product reviews, fashion articles, OOTDs, FOTDs and the like, short stories, current events, feminist ones, DIYs, home remedies, fitness related posts, motivation, personal development and more :D There were so many giveaways on blog too - sponsored, international and national :) That is like 220+ posts :P

I have made some wonderful friends, and also gained a few haters.

 Now I take more care of myself.

Oh and I am secretly proud of myself too ;)

A big thank you to all you guys :) I would have made this post longer, but some feelings can't be expressed via words. Yea, that sentence coming from me is big, know? :D I know I know, there are a million better blogs out there, but I am well, pretty darn awesome know? ;) Oh well, I love my blog too much to be humble and modest ;)

Thank you thank you thank you so much all of you :) This all wouldn't have been possible without your support and I mean it from the bottom of my heart :) Thank you for helping me through my rants and bad days, and supporting me the best way that you guys did :) Also, thank you wonderful sponsors :)

*Whoa, I do suck at speeches, don't I? :o *

Wishing my blog a very happy birthday! :) grow up baby, you've got a loooooong way to go! \m/

Also, the winner of the Pink Jello giveaway is Shwetha! Congratulations sweetie, I have mailed you :) Please reply within 24 hours or I'll choose a new winner :( Thank you Pink Jello for the lovely pair of earrings :)

I'll go sleep now! :)

Doesn't it feel so good to see your baby grow up? :)

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  1. yes ur definitely awesome :) love ur blog and happiiee birthdayyy :) :)

    1. Haha thank you Poorva! <3 <3 We love you too ;)

  2. HAPpy b'day to your baby blog... :-)
    CONgratulations shwetha

  3. So that means I've been going crazy with you since a year!Happieee bday:D

    1. Aren't you a sweetheart? :* Made me day! Thank you babe! :)

  4. Very happy birthday to Ur blog!
    And I cant believe about the haters thing:/ ur too sweet! :)

  5. Congrats for completing 1 yr ... Wish many more to come !!!!

  6. congoz happy for u..:)


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