Saturday 26 January 2013

Cinnamon Coffee

Part One
Part Two

✿  Chapter 3..

"God, please let him be okay", she pleaded. She slipped into the jeans and tee shirt she could reach first and practically ran to her door. The pair of shoes she had knocked down on her way back home from the gate was now on her feet. She had booked a cab while sorting herself and now frantically waited for the cabbie to arrive. It took seven torturous minutes for the cab to reach her home which was a wee bit away from the main street.

As the cab started racing towards its destination, her heart fervently chimed all the known prayers. Tears streaming down her face, she was seconds away from breaking into a bawl. The cab driver looked at her via the mirror with concern but continued driving. She fidgeted in her seat, fingers knotted into a nervous ball, freeing themselves only to wipe the tears away.

Within twenty minutes, she had reached her destination. She almost sprang out of her seat and checked the fare. She handed a five hundred rupees note to him and didn't wait for change.

"I am Mrs. Varun. Where is he?", her tear soaked voice was heart breaking.

The receptionist squeezed her fingers and gave her some much needed warm assurance.

"Room no. 141, maam"

As she dashed to Room No. 141, the thoughts in her mind half killed her. All she could hear was her own voice. A chant, a mantra. "Let him be safe"

She almost dashed through the door of the room when she was stopped by a nurse. "Sorry maam, you can't enter the ICU right now. I presume you are a relative of Mr.Varun?", her voice was professional.

"I am Mrs. Varun, and I have to see my husband", she sounded mechanical.

"Oh, this way, maam", the nurse directed her to a chair. "I'll be right back with his belongings"

She came back with a driving license and his cell phone. She also carried his tattered laptop bag. The magnitude of gloom was overwhelming. As she took his belongings in her hand, she couldn't hold back the howl anymore. She broke out into a sob which hardened by every passing moment.

"Please wait here till the doctor comes out", and she was gone.

She sat there, her shaking hands full of his belongings. She could hear his voice through them. She softly caressed the laptop bag and opened it. She took the laptop out and switched it on. It sprung to life. Apart from the little dents here and there, it was working perfect.

"Mrs. Varun?", a male voice shook her from her agony.

"I am very sorry, but we tried out best. If you can please come to my cabin, we can settle the formalities. The person that got him admitted...."

She hadn't heard a word after that. A blank look on her face, she stared into his sad eyes.

"I understand your condition, maam. Let me help you with these", he extended his arm to hold Varun's things.

She pulled herself away from him and held the laptop closer. Suddenly, she was very protective of them all.

She couldn't believe that six hours ago, she had hated that laptop.

She followed the doctor with not a tear anymore. It was all over for her.


She didn't turn back. She laughed at her stupid mind and its imaginations and continued walking.

"Baby WAIT!"

She felt a pair of warm arms engulfing her from back. Within seconds, he was in front of her, pulling his items away from her hands and hugging her so bad he was choking her.

Shock in her eyes was getting replaced by surprise and happiness. An emotion unknown to her. A sudden roller coaster like jolt to her state of mind.

"Varu..", she couldn't complete her words.

"I know baby, I know. I am so sorry", he was consoling her, trying to hold back his own tears. The baffled doctor stood there, confused like never before.

"My laptop bag, wallet and phone got stolen when I stopped at the ATM. I had planned to take you on a surprise vacation to Bali, day after being your birthday. I thought I'll play cocky for a while to make sure you won't guess, but well, it all got fucked up thanks to this theft. The guys that stole the bag met with an accident  and that is why, they thought the guy is me. My colleague in office got the same call as you did from the hospital by the time I reached there. And then I.."

She didn't hear the words again. All she remembered was entering a hazy zone.

When she opened her eyes, she was on the bed. He was right beside her, holding her hand and caressing it soft.

"Aww my baby woke up! How are you feeling, sweetheart?", his voice was soft and warm.

She got off the bed without giving attention to the dizzy feel and sprung into arms.

"No more sobbing love, you've sobbed enough for a life time. I am so sorry for being such an ass", he grinned as he pushed a ring up her index finger.

"Apology accepted, yea?"

She looked up to his shining eyes so full of love.

"Ahem", the attender came in with a tray.

"Cinnamon coffee that you ordered for", she smiled at the couple.

And then they sat there, gazing into the crimson sun, setting away into the West. May be it was their love that was crimson.

And the sweet fragrance? Oh, must have been the cinnamon coffee.

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  1. oh boy !!! So unexpected ! lovely :)

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  3. WOW... Unexpected turn..!!! LOVed it... do come up wid more such short stories..

  4. finally!!! well, all is well that ends well :)

  5. omg!!! that was awesome!!! i am usually a silent reader but today i couldnt stop myself from commenting omg!! the story is lovely:)

    1. Aaw thank you sweetie :) Do comment more, it makes my day :) :)

  6. Replies
    1. Me too :D I can't not make anything a happy ending :D

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  8. That was beautifu. I love the way you write (:


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