Tuesday 18 December 2012


Its time for fashion police again, ladies! I was surfing through Cosmopolitan and hello, eye sores :)

Hilary, yeah darling. Even I have no idea why you are wearing what-evah you are wearing!

And our Christmas Cake Tier is here! Well done, Amanda Peet!

The latest update I got was that the leopards are suing Linda for the repugnant usage of their prints.
Tch. Tch.

*Runs to wash eyes and blink, to check whether eye sight is still okay!*
Oh, that is Chantal Bles for you guys :)
And, she is a stylist.

Wait! So it was YOU that stole my shower curtain! And you got that hideous thing stitched out of it! 
Julie, that is wrong. So wrong.

Hey look! Before you judge her, this is what happened. Paula's gown (?!) got stuck and SNAP! It tore. So she put in a lot of safety pins and by the time she fixed it, Oww Snap! The Shoulder tore. And then while she was fixing it, the cleavage part ripped. And she ran out of pins :( Sad, right? Poor Paula :(

Noha Raafat? Is that you? No? Huh?!

Now that is a wonderful choice for a table cloth, right? And its no crime to get a godawful dress stitched when a lot of material is left out! Way to go, Lynne :)

Who else is still rolling eyes, gasping over the sheer horror?

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  1. Haha. Loved the post! Seriously, those outfits are disasters!

  2. Ouch! What were they thinking when they put those clothes on?? :D

  3. Noha Raafat for me is the one who takes d cake away.fun post.
    let's follow each other if u like to

  4. I'M still not able to control my laugh..... HAHAhahahahahahaha


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