Monday 17 December 2012

Viviana SPF 30 Matte Finish Review

Right from a kid, I have always hated the sun. I love the soft sunshine that is nice and makes me look good in photographs. But make Mr.Sun a lil brighter and harsher and I absolutely hate him >.< Why, you ask? Having a crazily easily tannable skin sucks okay? I can't go a day without sunscreen. I have seen my skin tan two shades darker when I wear a wide necked top and forget to suninsurance it for like an hour. *Oh yea, I coined that word 8)* And it takes at least three weeks to get the original skin back.

I don't think I am gonna have my original color on my face, evah! *Sigh*

So that is why, I always have a stock up of sunscreens of various protection levels.

Lets talk about Viviana SPF 30 Matte Finish. This sunblock comes in a nice yellow tube with a flip cap. Travel friendly, doesn't spill :)

The sunscreen is a usual white colored pretty thick gooey thing which spreads easily. It smells good! ^_^ Like a calming jasmine. Or budget perfume :D

It performs its job pretty well, I must say. I am tan protected for three hours, and then I need re-application. My only complaint is it broke me out initially :( Other than that, it contains parabens. That might be of concern to some of you.

At Rs.239/- and a shelf life of 3 years, its pretty good a deal :)

Take a look at the picture for the list of ingredients.

Have you guys used it? Let me know! :)

PS: The product was sent by PR for review purpose, but it hasn't affected my review. Hand on heart 

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  1. seems like a good product... but jasminie smell.... hmmm then i have to think abt... i some how don like jasmine smell :P

    1. Oh really? :D its not over powering, I promise :)

  2. Hmmm, seems a good product, never used it!!

  3. wow seems to b really good nami..nice review

  4. Good review. Really helpful :)
    can’t wait to read more


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