Monday 3 December 2012


She woke up in the middle of the night. His hair brushed against her chin. She ran her fingers across his torso. Struggling under his weight, she smilingly reached for the table lamp and the bottle of water. Careful not to spill a drop on him, she licked that tiny molecule off her lip. He groaned a little and nuzzled deeper into her chest. Was somebody's sleep disturbed?

She kissed him soft and switched the light off wondering what would she ever do if she lost him. She loved him way too much.She held him tighter and pulled the duvet closer.

His arms pulled her closer into him, suffocating her in a good way. He planted a kiss on her mouth and happily drifted off to sleep.

With not a clue of how much he had warmed her heart.

She was enchanted.

PS: The getting-inspired-by-beautiful-photographs seems to have gotten on to me. 

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