Sunday 2 December 2012


To do or not to do.

A routine dilemma where she always succumbed to the latter.

"Oh wait, what if they judge me?"

"What if they call me fake?"

Her subconscious stood there, arms folded across, tapping her feet, frowning. "Aren't you sick of thinking so much?", she asked. The girl smiled a nervous smile. "For the love of God, just be yourself for once. They will get used to it", she made a face.

 "Alright", she said, "I'll do it today :)"

Her subconscious smiled a victory.

She swiped the lipstick across her lips and pouted.

"After all, its my life "

PS: This picture inspired me to write this. The beauty of this photograph is beyond my description-al abilities. I hope you guys like the short piece.

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  1. OMG the lips is cuteee so girly love it !

    btw thanks for visited my blog dear
    i'm following you now keep in touch :D

  2. you've written it really nicely, though very short but very sweet:)
    n the lipstick is soooo pretty :)i want it:P

    1. Thank you Poorva! Oh I love it too ^_^ its so darn pretty! *Sigh*

  3. this is one dilemma I face every day :p

  4. namitha, thanks for following my blog! i stopped by to check you out and now I'm a follower of your blog too!

  5. I love that pic!!

  6. The pic is beautiful and you have written very well :)

  7. aww, cute post! Nicely written. I fight this fight every day! :P

    1. Thank you Isha :D Hi5 on the fight, I am in too :D


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