Sunday 9 December 2012

December Lust List



Ain't I so excited? :D

Sheesh! :D

Okay, so yea, my semester officially got over. *Sigh* Was it the worst semester or what? I haven't gotten enough time for anything, I tell ya guys. I am so so glad its over >.< The exams are around the corner but well, I get to wake up late. *continues lil dance*

Due to lack of sleep, what with writing records and studying for hours burning the midnight oil my creative juices have gotten extinct! I need a refill okay? What better than a December Lust List? 8)

This shoes by Rene' Caovilla! *Sigh*

A stack of bracelets on my arms! I am actually already doing it :D Time to buy more ;)

How gorgeous is this! I *might* be on my way to this, in a long long time ^_^ :\

That skirt! *Heart melts* 
This sequined top! I wouldn't mind being a disco ball in bright sunshine :o 

I don't know which this lipstick is, but its gorgeous :o I mean look at it! Any suggestions? :)

Something about this dress is so alluring! So Blair Waldorf!

Okay, so that is it for December! Let me know what you are lusting after ;) Oh and I attended Woopathon, The Bangalore Fashion Bloggers' Meet by Wooplr yesterday! Boy, was it fun or was it fun? I'll put up the post as soon as I get it okay?

Meanwhile, participate in the international giveaway to win jewelry of your choice! Oh and for super adorable bows, go here. 

Until next time,

Miss me ;)
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  1. pretty pretty list...december is one month I am not happy about buying anything in...Come January and it's sales time :)

    1. Haha hi5 on that! Me too waiting for month end and new beginning ;) Shopping it is :D

  2. Oooh December is my favourite month! :) And that lipstick is a tad bit like Mac Lovelorn but i think the Mac one is a little more pink. check it out anyway.
    And I loveeee Blair Waldorf and her dresses, this one is cute too! :)
    I want hair like that toooo :( How does one do that?

    1. Are you a December girl? :) Oh I am new to lippie department, but this thing is crazy pretty! <3 Will keep the search on, thanks :D
      Blair is so gorg! ^_^ Ultra classy!
      Ohh that hair! I would kill for it :D When I get it, I am gonna let you know lady! :D

  3. Pretty list sweets ! Especially the lipstick , #iwant :D

    1. Thank you, Najm :) Oh yea, lets go shopping baby! :D


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