Monday 10 December 2012

Tips and Toes Moscow - Review, Swatches

Inspiration is such a strong thing, inn'it? Every thing looks easy and do-able when you are inspired enough :) Do you guys experience SAD? I do :( Oh, SAD = Seasonal Affective Disorder. I feel grumpy when the weather is cold and dead. *Well, I hate heat too!* SAD might as well be my justification for being cranky ;)

Anyho, I love some bright nail paint to color my days when Mr.Sun is in snooze mode. I don't understand the concept of dull, lifeless colors for fall. I mean, its already so boring out there, why not color yourself happy? :)

What better than a chirpy yellow, then?

The adorable bottle ^_^

This nail paint from Tips and Toes has been my favorite from weeks. Its called Moscow! I love how the nail enamels from Tips and Toes are named after places. I own another beautiful shade and that is called Panama ^_^

Moving on to the review, the nail paint comes in a sleek bottle with a glossy cap. The brush is long enough and distributes the paint evenly. Moscow is a warm shade of yellow. Its is slightly runny and takes at least 2-3 coats for an opaque finish. It stays for 5-6 days without chipping. It smells like typical nail paint which I don't like very much.
Umm, that is pretty much it :D

The brush and the bottle :D *I know you can see them/

On my nails! Pretty, know?

What else do I write about a humble nail paint?

Oh the price! It costs Rs.95/-.

Will I re-purchase it? Ya, may be :) I love bright, chirpy colors!

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  1. wow...loved the color..bright n beautiful <3

  2. I have this one..n ya me too like bright colors when the weather is dull :)

  3. Pretty shade...
    I have never seen tips and toes around...

  4. ooh the yellow the yellow. pretty!

  5. Your nailpolish is stunning!! I think the colour is such an eyecatcher and I really love it:)

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  6. Gorgeous shade! Such a pretty bright yellow!

  7. pretty color. I remember, back in 2009 when I went to my Masters class wearing a yellow nailpolish, one of my professors asked "Did u draw on your nails with sketch pen?". I had a tough time convincing people that yellow nail polish did exist. Times have changed now....

    1. OMG he asked that? :D I usually have the weirdest colors on my nails, so yea, times have changed :D


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