Sunday 18 November 2012

Hiphop Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Don't you freakin' hate it when tailors mess it up? ARGH! :@ I had bought the prettiest material and given it to a tailor, first time with him. And he thoroughly screwed it up. The sleeves look funny. Actually, the whole outfit does. I am so royally pissed like so royally. WHY YOU NO DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO? >.<

Umm. I was in a beautiful mood before I went out to bring the dress home. And I did pretty pretty nail art. So me used Hiphop Nail Polish Remover Wipes and here is the review :) 

PS: I know, I can go from "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?" to "So, this product is really nice :)" crazy fast :)

PPS: I am okay now, I ranted away and it doesn't even feel that bad. I'll see what can be done with that dress now. The material is too beautiful to let it go.

Lets go back to review now :)

Product: Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes 
Brand: Hiphop
Fragrance: Tangy
Ingredient list: Amyl acetate, Diethylene Glycol, Butoxyethanol, Butyrolactone, Citronelle Oil, Lemon Oil, Glycerin, Castor Oil, Vitamin E
Cost: Rs.100/-

What does the company claim?

'Hiphop wipes are an easy and effective way to remove nail polish while also conditioning the cuticles. The formula is ACETONE FREE and will not dry or damage you nails. One wipe is enough for ten nails.'

Instructions for use: Moisten all painted nails with remover and wipe one by one(nail) *Duh!* with the same. Close the container immediately. Wash your hands before touching plastics, mobiles, spectacles etc.

Caution: Please keep away from children. Don't touch the wipes on plastics, mobiles, spectacles etc.
Close container immediately.

There are some things in life that make it very easy. And this baby is one of them! I honestly hate spending time removing nail polish. I ain't your dainty  girly, oh-so-delicate girl :P I prefer waking up ten minutes late and rushing through my dolling up even if it means skipping on eye liner :D So yea, removing nail polish is a pain. The toe nails are a pain in the posterior. I don't know if its only me *and gross*, but I retouch my toe nails at least 4 times before removing them completely to apply some other color. 

These wipes made it oh-so-easy! *Though I clicked pictures of my fingers :P My toes look very sad, what with tan and all :(* 

Well the box is very pretty with a nice lid under which the wipes sit snug ^_^ There is always a hint of moisture on the inner lid which makes me happy for I don't know why! One wipe is enough for ten fingers? Umm not really, it depends. My fingers are pretty long, and the paint on it was like four coats to get it opaque. So it took me one wipe to remove it all. *You can still see hint of color in the final picture, I didn't notice it when I clicked, was too busy feeling bad for Mahi watching Heroine :(*

The best part of this is the cuticle oil. I will tell ya, I have never used cuticle oil. Heck, I hardly take care of my nails. Yet, they are on of my best features. #GuiltyMuch

The cuticle oil is super moisturizing and my nails feel more healthy and strong. There is absolutely no dryness. There is an added benefit of Vitamin E.

I really can't think of any disadvantage. 

If you are looking for a on-the-go remover that does its job without drying your nails or lightening your wallet, I recommend it 8) *Proud Editor Face*

My rating? 

Ya used? Ya liked? Ya let me know!



  1. Hey Namita.. :)
    Even i have used t.. i brought it from stylecraze.... :P its quite a good product :)

  2. Talk to me about the bad bad's so difficult to find a good tailor here in Bangalore...tons of materials from my wedding is still unstitched...

    1. IKR?! SO damn annoying! I wanted to rip his stupid head off >.<

  3. Where did u get this from, I got Colorbar removed. I want to flush it for its unpleasant smell. Though its effective.

    1. I got it from Style Craze :) This one smells citric :)

  4. Looks pretty good.. I'm currently using Orris nail pads and they work pretty good too :)
    Will try this out once these are done :)


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