Friday 16 November 2012

Fickle, Fickle Favorites

Come internals and my life is halted. How I hate studies :o Really! I mean I don't think I'll ever be those mature, blessed brains that 'study to gain knowledge and understand' :o The only reason I study mug up is to earn so that I can buy more shoes :o And dresses, and make-up and other materialistic pleasures 8) Oh and a pink laptop! 8)

Oh and did I tell you? I FI.NAH.LY got a new computer! *Whoooopieee!!* Not a laptop, but a desktop 8) Its got an amazing 20" LED display, i3 processor and an ergonomic keyboard ^_^ Oh and 1 TB of whatever! *Sheesh, I forgot what of 1 TB :o *hides face** All I care is the screen ^_^ Its so gigantic 8) 
I'll be done with these damned internals by tomorrow, will post up pictures of my new computer, my super cute pink shoes which has prints! YAA! Oh and my HG shampoo review too ;) Any guesses? ;)
PS: You guys had suggested it once upon a time in Mumbai LIAF ;)

Coming back to the topic, here are my this week's favorites :)

Fav. Nail Art to be tried - Hello, Christmas! :) 

Fav. quote :)

Le me

Le me's wanting clutch. I mean how can anybody not want need this thing? It SCREAMS happiness!

Le me's wanting room ^_^ I am so doing this ASAP!

Can it get any cuter? I mean really? HOW ADORABLE! 

*Sighs* So-so-so aawwwwwhhh! 

Favorite song in Replay mode (Click on the link 8) #GenuisMuch)

So that made my week!

Tell me yours 8)

Image sources: All images from Pinterest. I don't claim any ownership.

PS: I'll reply to all comments tomorrow, pinky promise! Join the giveaway now, will ya? 



  1. Oh girl! wer did u go? Really missed ur posts:(

    1. Aaw girl! That is so sweet of you :D I am caught up with stuff Shylu, I am trying to make my best :D thank you doll :)

  2. loved the nail art and the quote as well :)

  3. It's gonna be time for Christmas sooon, aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :) such cute nails da!!

  4. cute nail art.. also loved the pink outfit :P


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