Wednesday 14 November 2012

Take some inspiration, give me some!

There are some days that suck by default. Like days that end with 'day'. Add in internals right after Diwali, and you have yourself a winner winer :) Last two weeks have been so hectic, I have hardly gotten time to breathe. I mean c'mon! A girl's gotta get some break. No? I thought you guys can tell me what to post next. Product reviews? OOTD? Fitness? Random Rant? Agony Aunt? *That reminds, I have LOADS of reader emails I haven't replied to :o Sorry guys :(* Inspire me now, you.

Well one thing that is giving me solace in spite of super hectic schedule is my work out sessions! YAY me! I haven't missed a single day from a week 8)

Want some inspiration much?

All pictures have been taken from the Mighty Mighty Pinterest.

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Go now, slog some ass ;)



  1. Apt post for my situation.. great post Nami!

  2. hmm..those were some really kicking pics !!:)

  3. Nice post Namita.. :)
    next with a fitness post please :P

    Rajani <3

  4. Nice compilation, could relate so much to all that you put up there


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