Monday 15 October 2012

Vintage Roses - Nail Art Tutorial

Roses! :) The word has an aura of soft pink around it. Or scarlet? I don't know ^_^ Say roses and I'll imagine a beautiful bouquet of baby pink roses.

I was feeling inspired enough for a nail art today, after a long time. Its been quite a while I made my nails my canvas :) Me wanted to start nail art-ing with something subtle and soft ^_^ Whilst I sorted my tools - nail paints, remover, dotting tools (read toothpicks :P) and more, an old tee shirt caught my eye :)

And then, my friend, this nail art was born 8)

Damn pretty, know? ;)

Paint opaque coats of white *Don't mind the mess, you can clean up later ;)*

Follow up with dots using ear buds. You can see the pictures below :) For the darker pink dots, I have used darker paint *Duh!* For the lightest one, I have mixed white and pink ;)

This is for the stalk :)

The coral and the pink :)

The mixing ;) Ear bud's cotton gives a smudged look which helps create the abstract roses :)

And there you go :) the prettiest of roses adorning the nails :)

Also, while I was busy clicking for your mortals, I poked my nail bed with a toothpick. #NotIntentional.MeNoSadist! :P
And instead of an "Ouchh!", I delivered a monologue - "And it pierced through her tender flesh, the scarlet blood formed a pool.." :P Daddy Dearest was shell shocked, of course 8)

Ya like my nail art? Yes? :D No? :( :(



  1. i loved it Namita :) ur nail art looks super pretty plus ur post was so well written :)

  2. good attempt girl :)
    I too did vintage floral nail art few days back :)
    use a peach base next time .
    use the nail paint's brush to make blobs representing flower , dots as well as center part
    next time i do that na i will mail u the pic :) :)

    1. Thank you Gorgeous! :) Aawwh yea, I had ran out of peach :P Art ain't my strong point ;) Will try though! :)
      Sure, do mail me and be my inspiration :*

  3. Love it! I suck at nail art :p. Yours is so neat!

    1. Aah not really :P I still have a long way to go :D thank you doll :)

  4. Pretty nail art :) its super cute!


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