Sunday 14 October 2012

Tanishq - Mia on Wheels

We are all multi taskers, aren't we? :) We also are experts at many a things, know? We drive, we dance, we compile, we tally, we manage 8) *Sometimes I really wonder, what would the Men from Mars do without us? :o*

The working women of today are self sufficient and confident! Whilst we manage the oh-so-many tasks and keep ourselves up to date, we want it to be kept stylish, right? ;)

Recently, Tanishq launched a new jewelry collection, Mia, for the working woman, and a wonderful one at that!
It also introduced this concept of Mia On Wheels, which, well, is ah-may-zing!

The food and fashion bloggers of Bengaluru *aah! Sounds so RJ-ish ;)* were invited for an exclusive preview of the collection as well as Mia On Wheels, and yours truly bestowed them with her presence ;) *Ahem*

Basically, Mia on Wheels is a concept where one can register for an hour of pampering - foot massage, make-up and yummy food, plus candid photography whilst trialing the Mia collection, in the moving bus :D Yes, you heard it right! Your get make-overs on the move ;) Get photographed on the move :D How fantastic is that!

With the very gorgeous Shalini of Stylish By Nature, super sweet Manvi from Style Inked, The Alicia D'Souza and many more talented bloggers, I sure had a blast!

I'll let the pictures do the talking now ;)

The super cute welcome card and the flower as we got in :)

THE bus ^_^ So comfortable, I could sleep like a baby ^_^

The bloggers :) *I know, my hair was bipolar that day*

The ever so gorgeous Shalini :)

Food at Taj :D HAHAHA :D We bloggers are so typical, no matter where we go, we click click and click! :D The staff there was thoroughly amused ;)

The collection. You can find more here

Me :O I think the foundation was tad too dark for me :o I was looking tanned :o 

A random click with the masti happening around :) Love those nude shoes - those bad boys are so comfortable ^_^

The inside of the bus!
Don't miss the super beautiful Manvi behind Shalini :)

My favourite of the lot ^_^

The bracelet, my fav again!

They also gave us a precious surprise - a framed photo of us wearing on of the jewelry from the collection :) Also, an adorable paper bag containing chocolates and a wallet engraved Mia ^_^

Very adorable know? :)

Let me know what you are thinking right now ;)
*Except cursing me for the bad photography in the last collage :P Flash is a bitch :\*



  1. This was undoubtedly the amazing trip. You look tanning :)

    1. Shalini :) you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside! <3 ILY! :*
      I look a tad darker haha :D

  2. Beautiful pieces <3 You look great too!!!

  3. pretty look good girl:)

  4. That looks like so much fun! You looking great princess:)

  5. Hey that sounds fun ! And loved the pics girl :)

  6. I absolutely adore the photo they clicked of you, you are so beautiful and photogenic. GORGEOUS GIRL!! excellent write up and you are always so funny :)


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