Sunday 21 October 2012

Maybelline Colossal Kajal Review, Swatches

It feels so weird coming back :P Really! I myself had no idea that I wouldn't be able to blog for more than a couple of days. I wasn't exceptionally busy, but I didn't realise how fast time flew by. I actually..
Well, you didn't ask me where I was all these days and why I didn't blog! Why am I blabbering? :P

Anyho, I haven't done any product reviews in a long time and here you go!

Yes, the Colossal kajal it is. No, you aren't allowed to roll eyes. No, you aren't allowed to laugh at me either. No, I am not the last one to review it. My neice, who is 8 months old now, will grow up, and start a beauty blog.She will also review it, okay?
PS: There is a short story behind this :\ I wanted Lakme Iconic Kajal and guess what? FIVE! FIVE Lakme outlets didn't hvae it :( It was Out Of Stock everywhere :( :( My previous colossal tube was almost over and I was forced to buy it again :o
Someone gift me an Iconic will ya?

Product: Colossal Kajal
Brand: Maybelline 
Cost: Rs.150/-
Quantity: 0.35 g *sad face*
Ingredient list: Not mentioned

Its one of the most popular products we have evah had, evah! Worthy of the hype ;) I don't want to say what the company claims and all, I'll just tell you my experience :P

The kajal comes in a twist up tube with a cap. Its travel friendly, and college friendly  You can easily pass it off as a pen ;)

The kajal is jet black and goes matte. You can use it on upper lid too as an eyeliner. It stays put for more than five hours and doesn't budge. I have super watery eyes and it stays on my waterline, like a boss. Even when it starts fading away, it just goes, doesn't leave foot prints :P

The right side is two swipes :)

It doesn't irritate my eyes either.

I don't have any complaints with this baby, really! It goes super creamy, doesn't smudge and make me a polar bear and is freakin' economical.
No wonder, my HG it is :)

Ya like? :)



  1. awesome that intro :D :P

  2. don worry dear :P am yet to review it

    1. That made me feel so much better :D Thank you doc :*

  3. I have used it and likes it.. :)

  4. we wanna see it on your eyes too...

    1. My skin isn't behaving Pranali :( I will surely do an EOTD though! :)

  5. Yeah I love this kajal !! my fav.

  6. No, you are not the last one to review it cos I will be reviewing it too hahahahhaha it's a cult product after all, cos of it we are going to see better and newer kajals all over india :) loved your review as always

  7. Its the best product that ever happened to womanhood

    1. That's an awesome comment! :D Haha :D Yes, it is! <3

  8. i love it too!! on my 8th or 9th one :D

    nice review :)

  9. Its an amazing product . Also try maybelline pot kajal , so easy to use <<3
    Following you.
    PLease do check us out.
    love <3


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