Thursday 4 October 2012

Tribal Trouble

Hello there! :)

Neeti wrote in,

'Hey Namita,

I have a tribal trouble. *haha, love that combination of words! :D* I love tribal prints, but I don't think I can carry loud ones. How can I incorporate them in my style?
PS: I have a healthy weight range, and I don't have issues with my body as such'

Hey Neeti,

Thanks a lot for writing in :)

PS: I love your name ^_^

About your query, tribal prints are super fun and can be made classy easily. If you don't want to go bold, you can try adding in little things that spice up. You know, like a scarf.

Wear a plain t shirt and wrap a scarf over it for a simple yet effective statement.

Another way to tone down too much of tribal print is to use a coat. Over your tribal dress, wear a coat in a solid color (preferably a muted color from the color palette of your dress). This brings down the print intensity.

You can also go for tops with tribal print and keep the bottoms simple, a solid color or a neutral.

Another excellent way to add in tribals is through accessories! There are a million accessories out there is very affordable ranges - ear pieces, necklaces, feather extensions (the multi colored ones), statement tings, beads and what not!

You can DIY an old neck piece into a tribal piece! Just use your favorite, pop up color nail paints to randomly color the necklace for a new one ;)

Also, you can go for various shoes too - they add in a zing factor to a boring outfit ;)

DIY know? ;)

Nail art - tribal nail art can never go wrong. All you need is happy colors, a brush and there you go painting random patterns!  Add in tribal designs on your nails and rock the trend! :)
My version of tribal nail art here.

These are some ways of tribal print-ing according to me, what do you suggest? Let me know! :)

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