Tuesday 2 October 2012

Me wants!

Frequent visits to malls make me so restless :P I start wondering if I have anything at all :o And then, sanity prevails and I understand that I really don't need so many things, cuz I don't know where to wear them too :P But well, who said you can't lust after stuff? After all, some happy me time on Pinterest is always welcome ^_^

 I need lace in life! I so can't get over this top - its got the perfect color, print and oh! lace ^_^

Is this perfection or what? Its tangerine, its got those oh-so-amazing work there *sigh*

I have finally made peace with my hair. My hair is not meant to be left open. I have got to accept it the way it is - thick. No amount of heat will set it right :P Bandanas, many many hair clips and ties, come to me 8)

I neeed these teal pumps. *heart melts*

*dies a little inside* Isn't this the most sexy bag out there? LOVE the golden detailing. Looks pretty easy a DIY though ;) All you've got to do is find some charms ;)

Sheer tops and golden jewelry. I want to own those sheer tops in all possible colors!

Printed floral clutch. Absolute love. 

Owl Pendant. Okay, so I am terribly fashion backward now? :P I still don't own an owl pendant. Somebody gift me please ;)

Peter pan collars. I want to stitch one to every dress of mine. Or better yet, I'll buy an add on collar 8)

Image sources: All images have been taken from Pinterest, or Google-d. I don't claim any ownership. If you have issues with them, please mail me.

What are you lusting after today? Let me know! :)



  1. Oh wow!! I love those mint green heels and that pretty Peter Pan collar top!! <3 :)

    I like the way you write Namita! :)
    *new follower* :D


  2. dropped by your blog after so long.
    Looking forward to more posts from you, now :D


    1. Isha! :) how you been doll? How is Delhi treating you? :D

  3. There are lot of blog shops in FB that provides fashionable n affordable clothing. mostly in the range 300-600. They have lot of sheer and peterpan collared tops...

  4. Mint heels and the sheer top. Sigh! Love is what I feel!!

    Ive been avoiding pinterest. I feel poor :-/

    1. Aaah! IKR?! :)
      Pinterest makes me feel so poor too :D

  5. Wow girl! I totally relate to you and this post....most of these items on your wishlist match those on mine. the sheer tops...the teal pumps (or any color for that matter), the peter pan collars, the envelope clutch....ohh! It's like reading a post penned by you but coming straight from MY heart!


    1. Thank you so much Apoorva :) That comment is making me grin :D Welcome to LIAF dahlyn :)


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