Thursday 25 October 2012

The Green Room by Wendell Rodricks Review

There are books that you read overnight. They keep you glued in, and make you want to flip pages faster because you can't wait to know what happens next. And then there are books that are meant to be experienced  Every line to be felt, every moment to be treated like a delicacy. The Green Room by Wendell Rodricks, falls into the second category.

I am a fast reader. I devour the pages fast paced. But I took a week to read this book. And lost myself in every page, every photograph and every moment. I most certainly felt like the author was talking to me, telling me his life story, in his Colavale ;)

The Green Room is the autobiography of the celebrated designer Mr.Wendell Rodricks. When I first signed up for this at BlogAdda, I was totally expecting to read the inner stories of the much mysterious world of fashion. The models, the tantrums, the poise, the money, the cocktails, the sex, the gossip, the attitude, the lifestyle and more.
Add to it, the cover page with the super hot Malaika in just mussels covering her modesty, I was absolutely sure of a juicy read.

But I was in for a surprise when the book turned out to be more of a much sublime and detached view of the author.

The book starts with the childhood, family and early life of the author. It warms my heart when I read in detail about his family - the Goans. He also gives a beautiful insight into History - the Portuguese and the like. You are effortlessly taken on a wonderful journey of the author's budding interest in Fashion. He also shares as to how certain of his habits, say why he is anal (the word used by him in this context) about clothes getting crinkled, is related to having seen a part of a beautiful bridal gown being smashed under negligence and how his heart wept when such a piece of art was destroyed.Also, the inspiration behind his collections have been mentioned in most places. No wonder they strike a chord! :)

I absolutely admire the descriptive narration in the book! The oh-so-many places visited by him and his partner Jerome, a Frenchman, the food, the studios, the dresses, the collections excetra excetra. The designer's attention to detail is vividly exposed all through the book. It reflects on the high rich, diverse and interesting a life he has lead.

Mr.Wendell does an excellent work at his autobiography. Nowhere in the 356 pages is there an ounce of boredom. Absolutely loved the book!

I just wish there was more of fashion related material, you know. We, the lesser mortals, are always interested to know the behind-the-scenes-scoop. Call it being nosy, but from the looks of the book, it looks like the designer wrote this in a sense of detachment, a mere observer of the world around him. Of the ever changing world around him.
Also, there is a lot of reference to his hometown, the mightily beautiful Goa! GO GO GOOAAA all the way! :) He has down so many many things for Goa, from opening a designer shop to reviving the native sari, he deserves a salute ^_^ Its all so inspiring!

The man in himself is an inspiration. He has learnt the art of cookery professionally, was a student with an internship, a lecturer, a creative genius and a guru to many. Also, at a time when homosexuality was more than frowned upon, he had in it him to make his relationship legal.
I really wish there was more on this aspect of his life though. Were his parents and family okay with him being gay? He does mention their reactions when he made it legal, but I would have loved to know their initial reactions.

All in all, its an excellent book. Me, being someone who is a novice in core fashion, learnt a lot from the book. Its all so dreamy! So perfect, so awe inspiring. I actually Google-d few words that meant different types of prints, and can't be more grateful to him.

I totally recommend The Green Room, I promise you'll love it just the way I did :)


PS:This review is a part of Blog Adda's book reviews programme.


  1. WOW! That is great! I cant wait to get my hands on this book. I am a slow reader. How many pages?



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