Friday 26 October 2012

How To Fall Out Of A Rut

Do you have those days? Where all you want to do is punch everybody in the face? Or better, straight in the nose?
I do.
I have those moments.
Crazy number of moments.
Call it PMS.
Call it bad mood.
Infact, right now I am in that mode.
Ask why?
Because I got my tooth extracted.
And it hurts real bad.
Real REAL real bad.
I am surviving on soups and mashed potatoes.
There is a superb dinner at my place this evening.
And I'll survive on soups and mashed potatoes again.
May be some more ice cream.
I can smell North Karnataka's very famous rotti + junka + ennegai.

All you non Kannadigas, rotti = paper thin yet hard rotis made of jowar.

Junka is made of besan. Its pretty complicated, but super yummy. Its not your regular curry. Screw up the consistency and you are so screwed. Requires granny level supervision.

Ennegai is the most delicious gravy of brinjal. It involves a complex mixtures of home made powders that look like gun powder. 

Guess what? Yours truly can eat only junka. And well, that is plain lame. 

The rotti will poke me bad and the ennegai is too spicy for the baby blood clot.


So, yea. Enough reasons to be grumpy know? :P I started this blog post to rant, and then came across one amazing blog called The Glamorous Housewife. And *poof!* My grump is gone! I started thinking how to feel out of a rut - the cranky, the grumpy, the irritation. I mean c'mon! Things don't always go as per plan and mumma isn't always sweet as a sugar cube. 

What to do when you are stuck in a bad feel for long? You might be feeling okay on the outside, but are you happy on the inside? 

Its crucial to do this check often. Are you feeling okay? Like really okay? The mad rush of every day can push you into neglecting yourself, and my doll, that shouldn't happen. Life is too short to walk out looking like garbage. Pull yourself together. You deserve to be happy. Dress up, a swipe of kajal even when you are home alone. I am guilty as hell when it comes to this. I am an absolute eye sore when I am home. My hair out of place, my skin looks pathetic and I wear the most uncoordinated, most awful dresses :P

I have observed, I always feel better when I am dressed better, heck, when I look good. So lets start falling out of a rut now, shall we? ;)

1. Pull yourself together. Tell yourself that it is enough of grumbling and feeling bad. You have got to feel better. 

2. Start doing things that make you feel better. Remove the chipped nail paint. Paint your nails bright yellow. Or mint. Or orange. Or better, sparkly :) Deep condition your hair. Put on a face mask. Exfoliate.Spritz on some perfume.

3. Get some sleep. Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest culprits behind depression. Get quality sleep. 

4. Me time. Are you guilty of wasting time on Pinterest? Guilty of re-reading a novel that took away too much of your time? You shouldn't be! Some happy me time is known to boost your happiness and creativity.

5. Get some sunshine. At least to me. I am usually so stuck inside during long holidays, I just don't go out. *By now you should know, how I hate social gatherings :P Give me my internet connection, my lappy, some junk, and a camera, I am a happy bunny :)* Not healthy. Go out on a walk, explore your city.

6. Think. Don't worry, just think. Think about how you are leading your life. Is it going the way you want it to be? It doesn't have to be at par with perfection, but are you genuinely loving your life?

7. Make a decision to be happy, and stick to it. There are somethings that you can never change. Depending on others' behaviour for your own happiness will take you nowhere. Be happy now, live in the moment. Death has this way of teaching you things. Its all very temporary. You never know when its all gonna be gone. My grandpa's death taught me that. One moment he was there, and the next moment he was gone. Everybody wept for a few days, and now he is just a memory. Everybody has got a life of their own to lead. Their own struggles  their own fights to be fought. Learn to lead a happy life. That way, when you are gone, you'll have the satisfaction of having lead a happy life. Stop being unhappy about your complains. Its all a part of your very distinct life.

8. Start finding happiness in lil things. They have a much larger impact than you think they do.

9. Find out the cause, the root reason for your problems. And then, find a solution. Lamenting about it will not give you any solution. Period.

These are some ways I get off a rut. What do you do? :)

Let me know! :)

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  1. i loved loved loved the post :)
    and it happens with me too, a lot of times !
    but now, i have the solution thanks to you <3 ur amazing :* i really feel like giving u a big hug right now :)

    1. Aaww Poorva :) I am so glad you could connect! :) *hugs* :*

  2. Such a lovely post..
    I have come to accept the fact that there are good days, and then there are pathetic days.. It is important to get out of a rut.. and keep on getting out of it each time you get stuck there.. hehe..

    1. That is some wonderful advice! :) Thank you Karishma :)

  3. nice write up Namitha... lovely post... :) I love enngai... :P

  4. ooooff! much needed. much needed. thank you, sweetheart :)

    1. Aawww anytime CC! :) I am so glad you found it helpful :*

  5. all the right things babes!!Loved the post :) <3 :*


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