Wednesday 24 October 2012

Sparks Fly - How To Doll Up For The First Date

I am a mushy person. A very mushy one at that. I melt at the cutest little things and go Aaawwwwwwwwwhhhhhhh like super easily. I absolutely adore couples. Will you believe if I say I find couple fightings also very cute? :D And adorable?!

I have always believed in efforts. A relationship is all about how happy you and your partner are in it. With that, relationships should be effortless too ;) Okay, confused much?

IMO, the beginning of every relationship is rosy, very cute, awkwardly beautiful.Stars shine, rainbows glitter and jazz plays in the background every single day ;) You will have a litter of butterflies *or whatever! What do you call a group of butterflies anyway? :o I never learnt that in school. Schools never teach what we require in life know? I mean, teach is such phrases, teach us effective one liners. If only so many bad dates get avoided, there would be so much more love in the world. Sigh* okay, so I strayed off topic :P* Back to my point, you have a litter of butterflies in your tummy. *giggles*  The cuddles, the warmth, the romance ^_^ Aawwwwwwwwwwhhhhh! See, I told ya!

But how does the happiness and joy end up giving way to serious fights, ego clashes and hatred? :o I don't understand :o I mean I ain't saying perfection is what is needed, but hey! You shouldn't be fighting day in and day out also know?! Effort is what comes into picture here, I think. As a relationship progresses, the effort we put in decreases. Taken for granted, happens.

So, what I say is, add in a spark. Then see when Sparks Fly.

With lot of hearts and confettis welcome the latest section, Sparks Fly. I'll update it with articles related to love life - dates, fights. egos, lust, and everythingrelated! And of course, pure love :)

Lets start with dates, shall we? :)

*Buddha face*

How To Dress Up for The First Date, The. The, I mean The.

Sounds rocket science? 

Fret not darling, Namita is here 8)

1. Dress for the person you are. Keep the experiments for the girls' night out. If you are uncomfortable, it shows. Wear something that makes you look pretty, and beautiful. Save the sexy ones for future ;) A flirty floral skirt with a solid colored top, or vice versa with killer heels and you are all set to charm! Nay? okay! A simple dress, in a flowy material or lace ^_^ #Oh!HowILoveLace! Pair with a catchy handbag or a clutch, and you are all set to blow his mind ^_^  You don't have to dress seductively to get his attention.

2. Prep your skin. No matter how much you plan on dunking makeup, if the canvas ain't good enough, you can't paint a pretty picture :( *sniff* Keep your skin happy by ample moisturizing. Indulge in face masks and get the glow glowing  :)

3. Male species don't understand makeup. Very few brains of the rarest species of men are programmed to distinguish lime green from leaf green, scarlet from red and coral from orange. Heck, I would be glad if they knew a color called coral existed. And as far as I have seen, men don't prefer made up faces. "Why do have to color yourself like that? :o" Unless your man is gifted with the amazing sense of understanding the dire need of makeup in our lives, and why we swoon over the MACs and the Chanels, tough luck, baby! So yea, please go easy on makeup. A well moisturized skin, followed up with some tinted moisturizer, some blush/bronzer, neat definition of eyes and a wash of colors on lips, and you are good to go. Also, my suggestion is to avoid In-Your-Face lip colors - stay with pinks, corals and subtle washes of red :)


YESH! 8)

4. Hair. It makes or breaks a look. And you can never predict a good hair day. Or a bad one. By tough luck if you are suffering from a bad one, braid your hair. There are over a hundred ways to braid. Accessorize with pretty clips, bows and bands and catch him steal a glance ;) Prep your hair too. Wash it, moisturize and heat treat if that's the need of that hour. *Or the hours leading to the date? :P*

5. Shoes. Wear a comfortable pair. If your date involves a lot of walking, then go for wedges, or better, flats and ballerinas. If you are just gonna sit at a candlelit table and get glued in each others' eyes, well, stilettoes baby! ;) *grins* Why am I telling you this? Because, if you end up with a foot ache, he is not gonna lift you in his arms and carry you to his your room ;) At least, not in the broad day light, or broad ShopsAndStreetLights lit evenings and nights! He might as well roll his eyes and call you high maintenance :o

6. Fragrance. I, for one, absolutely can't stand stink. Never. Even if you don't smell great, please don't smell bad. You should always smell 'you'. The collective fragrance of your body cream + body talc + deo/perfume makes you smells distinctive. Always try to stick with this cuz it defines you :) Its okay to experiment till you find out what your trademark scent is, but at least try maintaining to smell the same in the first few dates. If you continue the relationship, and dwell into it further, you can get back to experimenting ;)

7. Make eye contact, a lot of it :) Nothing bonds a couple like eye contact does. It builds an intimacy with no actual touch ^_^

8. Be sweet, be pretty, be courteous. Arrive on time.Give him the attention, you can fiddle with your phone later. Even if it turns out to be a lame date, be mature and make it as less awkward as you can.

I think I have listed the essential tips, add in yours ;)

PS: None of the images are mine, except the second one. All the images have been Google-d. I don't claim any ownership. If you have a problem with them being put up here, mail me and I'll look into it.



  1. Nice post. Hahaha, funny too at times. :D

    Namitha the advisor? :P LOL.

    New post is up!

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  4. Nice tips Nams...looking forward to many such posts :)

  5. Nice tips Namita.. :) are these experienced thoughts?? hehehehe :P

  6. aww... loved the post Namita :)
    even i am a complete awww person :P

  7. I went in for my first date in uniform :p...Namita The relationship consultant :D


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