Thursday 11 October 2012

October, be nice, very nice.

Looks like all my wishes are coming true these days. No matter what I am asking for, I am getting it :D

So, in the spirit of October, and the 11 days that have already passed, here is my wish list ;)

I want hand bags in all colors. Period.

I want simple, comfortable ballerina flats in all colors. Period again.

A better camera. Have you guys come across that meme? "A monkey with a DSLR is a photographer these days :\" :P But really, after having seen the awesomeness of photos clicked with cameras better than mine, I really really want a new BETTER camera!

Android. Its probably the best that happened to me us :o I have this lame Samsung Wave and as it is apparent, I don't like it :\ Somebody gift me an Android please? ;)

Head bands! How I love these ^_^ So beautiful!

Me time! I am doing loads better than the beginning of the semester but hello?  I haven't really gotten good me time okay? No sitcoms, no 50 Shades of Grey, no reading any books :o No face packs, no hairstyles :o 

Well that is my wish list for October :) Let me know what you are craving for ;)

PS: I know, its a blah post. I am not like mighty busy or something, but I really haven't had a post on mind! Any suggestions?

PPS: Images ain't mine, I Google-d.



  1. I want some gorgeous accessories....some pampering time, read spa...and a holiday :(

  2. great post! i like your blog ! maybe we follow each other? let me know! :)

  3. your blog looks different, i like it. I absolutely love your caption!!!

    1. When's your birthday? J-man, Namita needs an Android please...pretty please :)))

  4. Heyy Namita :)

    came across your blog today while surfing :) you have a nice blog :) good to know that you are from Bangalore.. :) me too from Bangalore ;)

    wid luv,
    Rajani :)


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