Friday 12 October 2012

Friday's Fickle Favorites

Lets end the week with a FFF know? FFF you don't know? Friday's Fickle Favourites  :D I am so gonna love the next two weeks. I have crazy number of holidays! Crazy number of holidays = Unlimited sleep. If only you see me sans concealer, you'll know why I deserve some. I have become a sexy, sexy panda :\ :\

Anyho, this week has been pretty good to me :) Though I screwed up one of my exams! I never told you how bad it went know? :P At point, I was so clueless, I wanted to stand up and go Oppa Gangnam style in the lab :P 

Apart from that, I have had a lovely week :) Learnt a few lessons, life wise too. Before I start off on a nonsense rant, lets get to my week's favourites! 

So cute!

Fav humor quote :D

Fav. humor quote again!

Hahaha :D 

When He created watermelon, he knew I loved it :) When my canteen bhaiyya created watermelon juice, I knew I loved him watermelon. Watermelon is my weakness. How I love this fruit! 
Aaw! Nail art time, here I come :) So adorable! 

So that is for this week! I am going shopping tomorrow *wooooot!*  So, I have to sleep and rest well now okay? Tell me what you fav-ed this week 

PS: Images are Google-d. Not mine.

PPS: I have no idea why there are so many hearts ♥ in the post today! 

PPPS: I know you went back to search for the hearts now :P

PPPPS: You are smiling, aren't you?

LOL okay, let me know you guys! :D



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