Tuesday 9 October 2012

Google Nexus 7 India Review

*Guest post by tech savvy best friend! 8)*

There was time when having tablet made you very very close to God 8) But well, time has changed. To own a tablet, you need not be Moses. 

 There is no way that you could possibly have not heard about ‘Tablet’. So, what is a tablet? It’s almost everywhere - a ready replacement for our cellphones, laptops and PCs.
Some may claim it to be a hype and further vow that they can survive without it.Well my mom did such kind of vows on usage of cellphone :P Years later, now she knows how wrong she was. My point here is, if it’s there in the market, it sure becomes your need that very moment :D

Thanks to the corporate wars for patent laws , market holds and other various integrations with existing technology and futuristic ones, we can as a customer, only hope that we will be bestowed with the most user friendly and compatible devices and interface, of course at the cost of wallet reduction ;)
My point here is, eventually we will be going out in the market to get one. 

So what do we look for when we are buying a tablet? Well that’s for another time. Now it’s a review on the ASUS-Google’s venture NEXUS 7! *Woot*

Without further ado lets dig into this baby =D

PS:- I have used it for a month and that is pretty much enough time for a review ;) *Editor's note: Oh yea, the geek! 8)*

Nexus 7!

Its a GOOGLE ASUS joint venture into the world of hand-held technology. For those of you who are not familiar with Asus, its one of the most reliable brands in the world of PC hardware, it’s a leading brand in motherboard manufacturing , and hey! We need no introduction on Google, do we? ;)

Processor:- Quad-core Tegra 3 processor(1.5Ghz quad,12 GPU core)
* Built for mobile devices - high performance beast, a wonderful companion for flash based interface
* It comprises of ULP NVIDIA GeForce GPU unit to enhance the gaming experience and provides a more than satisfactory experience for HD viewing.
* It supports multitasking brilliantly, I had music playing in the background while I played Badpiggies and there was not a bit of a lag.

Display and sensitivity:- 7 inch 1280x800 HD display with a brilliance of 216 pixels per inch
* The resolution it offers is pretty good.....?! what the heck its awesome!! Be it a video picture or even an online article that you are wanting -  it gives you a different experience altogether.
* Pinch to zoom option works brilliantly without reducing the crisp originality of the data
* Touch screen sensitivity is smooth and one can actually feel the transition :)

Dimension: Its 7’’ tablet, it fits perfectly in your palm. You will not feel any sort of discomfort while holding it for longer durations, the the dotted texture provides the necessary grip 8)

Its exactly the size of most books available in market.

Memory:- it comes with 8 -16GB config, 16 GB gives you a useable space of 13.43 GB. Perfect for a few movies, songs or even a season of your favorite soap along with plenty of books, magazines and apps.
My recommendation - go for 16 rather than 8. More the merrier ;)

Connectivity :- Some may claim it as drawback not having 3G access, but I find the Wifi pretty satisfactory. Yea, when you are travelling it may be a cause of concern, the access to Internet, but hey! You can always use the 3G on your phone by using your phone as a router ;)

Nexus is at its best when used with internet so, having a wifi is a must if you want to test its fullest potential 8)

Battery backup :-
They claim it to be 9 hours of continuous running. I did try it and it comes pretty close. I checked it in standby mode without using it for 2 days and was shocked to see that only 2% of battery was drained. *Editor's note: *Astonished face**
For a usage of couple hours of reading, and few hours of random browsing , watching an episode of ‘Castle’ and playing some lame games *:P* my battery lasted for 15.4 hours.

First charging takes bit longer, later ones are fast.

Front camera
Decent enough to be a front camera which is used only for video calls, so please do not compare it with your smartphones and DSLR.
If you do want to use the camera to take a picture you need to download app (like Camera ICS)

* Offline map from Google. One of the best features on Android. As you can access map offline, all you need to do is select the perimeter and download it on your device and use it whenever you need it.
* Default browser-Chrome . I need not say more. It also gives you an option to sync it with your PC where you can use the account’s history of browsing / saved paths etc .

* YouTube works great with the toggle mode of full screen and smaller player , the latter allows us to views comments as the video gets played.
* Instant task manager, where one can just slide the unwanted apps into close 8)
* Audio quality is good - only issue being finding the perfect earphone.

What came in the box?
AtoB USB cable, Asus AC adapter, Manual, Warranty card and Nexus, of course ;)

The screen is top notch and there is no need for a scratch guard. Even if you get one out of concern, it doesn't affect the performance!

I bought it via Indiatimes, who imported from USA for Rs.19454/- The bill given from the outlet is New Jersey is for Rs.15000/- So, the intermediate company has charged Rs.4.5k. The import duty is around Rs.100/-

RATINGS:  *Ahem*
Over all - 8.5/10
Battery -  8/10
Jelly bean - 9/10
Connectivity - 7/10
Performance - 9/10
Hangs/crash = 1/1000( it hardly ever stopped responding)
Speed = 8.8/10 ( I have not encountered any lags while playing games/watching HD videos)

Some apps that you must have: 

Quick Office, Adobe Reader. Kindle ,File Manager, Perfect Viewer(to view comics), Pulse(amazing app to keep you posted),Stumbleupon(one more brilliant app),Websharing(easy file transfer using wifi)

(Thank you so much best friend, for the oh-so-informative review! :) Guys, any questions? Shoot a comment! :))

PS: All images belong to me. Please do not use any of them without mailing me and linking back.


  1. Hey Namitha,

    Overall its a nice review except for
    1) The price?
    2) From which store it was purchased from?
    3) Contents in the Box?

  2. I was planning to buy i-pad for my hubby...well, seems I v to rethink about my options..

    1. You better Opal, this is absolutely fantastic! :D I myself have played loads of games and clicked pictures lol :D Way awesome! *PS: My tech knowledge is limited to this much for now :P Mail me if you have any other queries :)*

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