Sunday 28 October 2012

Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50 Review

Hello there my honeybunches! *Aaah, long time I said that, know? ;)*

I am finally back to sanity *for normal mortals that have the greatest blessing of my presence around them, insanity 8)* and how!

Oh and my tooth ache is much better now :D I got an injection yesterday :\ Linkin Park - Numb. It is what it is.
I have lost a couple of kilos, I think. Well that happens when you survive on soups and mashed potatoes know? #ExagerrationMuch

Anyho, I have used this sunscreen for a month now, and its time for a review.

Product: Sun Expert SPF 50
Brand: Lakme
Cost: Rs.350/-
Quantity: 30 ml
Ingredient list: Not provided on the bottle. It was on the outer carton, apparently. And I threw it away :o *sad pup face*

What does Lakme claim?

Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50 PA+++ is a light feel expert solution to provide broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays and helps maintain your complexion.

Kay Lakme, thank you very much :D

I have always used Neutrogena SPF 50 sunscreen. My skin tans easily! Like half hour in the sun without protection *that sounds very pervert know? ;)* and I tan 5 shades darker. *Not greyer, darker ;)*

I received this hamper from Lakme when my HG sunscreen had just gotten over. #ThankYouLakme.

The sunscreen is white in color *Duh!* and smells divine. *Okay, lets accept it. I suck at describing fragrances. Its always 'divine' or 'heavenly' or 'stinks'. Period.* It glass cap always makes me treat it like a baby. I mean, what if it cracks? So cute it is! ^_^ Oh and the nozzle dispenser is good enough.

A lil on the thicker side, as per the claim, its light on the skin. You don't feel goopy. I apply it after a layer of moisturizer and re-apply during lunch break :D You see, I can't sit in one place for long. I have to walk around. Even a 15 minute break, I have to HAVE to walk out of class. So yea, Mr.Sun shines bright on me through the glass windows and me get tanned. But me no like getting tanned :o You like getting tanned if you belong to Indian Subcontinent? Or Pakistan? Sri Lanka? No :) Yea, knew that.

I usually re-apply during lunch break. They say the frequency of re-application of necessary depending on the extent of sun exposure.

It is actually for Normal to Dry skin.

Being an oily skinned girl, it did break me out initially. I wanted to throw it out and stop sunscreens altogether but hello? Sun protection is very BERRY essential.

Apart from that, me have no problems with the sunscreen :)

My rating:
4/5 - -1 for breaking me out

Here is a picture of goofing around with the camera :D There is just a layer of sunscreen on my face and nothing else. No concealer, not even compact.

There is that one small pimple on its way to death 8) 

See my skin? Its almost cleared, thanks to regular application of lemon juice from past three days. Its a life saver, I tell you. It kills baby acne, and lightens scars like a boss. And guess that? It clears tan too 8) If your skin is very sensitive, mix some rose water. Please make sure you apply sufficient sunscreen as lemon juice makes you more susceptible to sun burns. Even when you are home, let there be moisturizer and sunscreen on your face :) Soft and supple :)

Let me know what you think! :)



  1. love your description of fragrances hahahahhaha funny girl!!

  2. that pic is so cute!
    u mostly take shots from your right side..

    1. Thank you Pranali!
      Yes, I just realisez that :o Will try from left next time :D

  3. nice review bt i've oily skin so wont be takin any risk here

    1. Thank you Suna, umm ya, you are the best judge for your skin :)

  4. i am sceptical about Lakme sunscreens..nice review

  5. Nice Review Namita :) also can you brief me out about using lemon on face for acne and scar problems... recently have started getting quite few of them :( *sob sob*

  6. Never knew Lakme had sunscreen! Mind sharing about the application of lemon juice?

    1. They do Belle :) sure, will post about it next! :)

  7. :D cute...nice review babes!! :)
    The Sweet Life


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