Thursday 27 September 2012


Looks like God wants to show me much more horrifying stuff than men with lipsticks.

Did you guy check out VJ Anushka Manchanda's outfit for the launch of HP SpectreXT?

Oh my!

I stumbled across this photo on HP India's FB page and was like WHAAAAAAAA??

I know fashion is about cuts and slits in unique spots, but this is plain gross :o I mean, it looks like maternity lingerie to me :o When moms wear it, its so adorable, you know, those babies, their super cuteness, mom-baby bonding and all :) ^_^

But on this dress, it looks awful.


Ya think what? Grossed out? Defend her? Let me know!

Image sources: HP India Facebook page.I don't claim any ownership. If anybody has issues, please mail me the ownership concern and I'll take the pictures down.


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