Sunday 30 September 2012

Maybelline Lip Smooth in Strawberry Review and Swatches

Blogging has this way of possessing you. You think about it day and night, you carry your camera around and click pictures of every thing. And then you delete more than a dozen to finally zero down to the perfect picture. Exams don't matter, Aitken's and Newton-Raphson can go find a well :\ Hmph! :@

Anyho, yours truly is absolutely back to life. You know I am doing absolutely fine when I post a review and start it with no rant ;)

I forgot to carry my lip balm with me yesterday. My college bag has two-three chap sticks thrown in, but the date bags don't :D

After I realised the horror, me goes to the Maybelline counter 8)

Me: I need a lip balm.
SA: Tinted or transparent?
Me: Tinted, pink.
SA: *gives tester of this baby*
Me: Thank you very much, please bill it :)

I love this color THAT much!

Product: [LIP] Smooth Color and Care
Brand: Maybelline
Shade: Strawberry
Cost: Rs.150/-
Quantity: 4.5 gms

Maybelline calls it a 'Refreshing Tinted Lip Balm'.

The main ingredients are Jojoba oil and Safflower seed oil.

Its a pretty pink in color and has a nice sheen. There are no obvious glitter particles as such :) The lipbalm glides on lips easily and the hint of pink is pretty.

If you are looking for just a tinge of color, this should sort you out.

My lips were moisturized and the color stayed put even after a lot of eating and sipping. Not a trace of dryness.

My only complaint is it went waxy in the first two three applications. May be because it was brand new?

All in all, this product is a total love. It also contains SPF 16, by the way. I am going back to this, there is delicious looking Orange flavour too :D

Ya want to know how I looked yesterday? Here ;)

Oh and I attended something super exciting and awesome last evening. Photos will be up soon ;) Keep guessing ;) Also, would you like to see awesome random people on LIAF? Say, I find somebody on the streets with a real pretty clutch. I'll walk up to them, compliment them, and take a picture? *I always have my camera with me ;)* Let me know :)



  1. i have this one too in Dolly Rose and i love it :)
    it used be 99 bucks when i bought it last year !!
    and ur shoes r sooo pretty :)

    1. Yea, the back of the product read Rs.110/- but the billing was for Rs.150, supposedly they are the new rates! Thank you Poorva :)

  2. i have the same model shoes in the same color! Pinch:D

  3. Have you tried the Color Bloom? I loveee those :)

    1. Really? I am yet to try, will surely buy them next 8)

  4. loved the shoes! pls do more outfit posts. bdw since u have thick hair, y dont u try different hair styles with them rather than keeping them open. a french braid would look so cute on u!

    1. Thanks Pranali :) Oh yes doll, thanks to you, my next OOTD has me in a different hairstyle! :) I am so gonna start braiding :)

  5. gwad they have steeped the prices by 50 bucks...I have Cranberry jam flavor in my bag right now:)...and the orange one is good mom uses it...


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