Wednesday 26 September 2012

Why oh Why!

Normality has finally descended on me, I think. I still freak out and get frustrated now and then, but the last post was a phase. I am sure that post petrified many of you :D If I go back and read it, OMG :D Its like the sky fell on me :D

Some random scrolling on FB lead me to this photo:

I liked a few songs of this band One Direction and liked their FB page, and I am totally repenting that very act of mine. They keep posting, 'Follow so on so on Twitter, and he'll follow you back! :D Woot!' and there are frickin' five band members! 

And today, this photograph stabbed me in the eye.Now, I honestly can't stand the thought of men doing obvious make up. I can totally spot concealer under his eyes, and boy oh boy! That pink lipstick! That neon pink lipstick!!

Imagine, he kisses his girlfriend, and there is this pink mark on her cheeks :o Errrmmm! :D 

I think guys should stick with the much popular and universally accepted No-Obvious-Make up rule (Obviously, I am saying that to the celebrities. The men in our everyday life, you are No Make up, I know :))

Ya say what?

Image source:
From thier FB page, obviously. I don't claim any ownership.

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  1. omg..ewww..i agree no makeup for men pls..loved reading it <3

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