Monday 24 September 2012

I might as well not post this

Why do Mondays have to suck this bad?! I hate HATE hate all days of the week. Really! These days,life has become so monotonous, I just want to be done with Engineering already! All I do is go to college, write tests, come home, cram for more tests. I have this sudden urge to quit Engineering and start a nail art bar. Or take up Journalism. Or start working. Or do nothing, the whole day. I wonder if its frustration, or laziness or both. I don't even know what I will want to do in case I get the 'break' I am so hoping for. My mom says I have gotten obsessed and I should have snapped out of vacation mode already. But ya know what? Barring few nerds, my whole class feels the same. Everybody is sick of cramming. We want to make time tables and stick to them, but then we don't want to study either. There is this avalanche inside my cupboard. Of everything. From dirty jeans to single earrings, from empty perfume bottles to ear buds. My book rack looks like a pile of garbage. Why do I have study all the Taylor Series and Regula Falsi Method anyway? All I will need is addition and subtraction. Discreet Mathematical Structures makes no friggin' sense to me anymore >.<

*Rant over*

So, to get back to sanity, I spent like an hour pinning things on Pinterest. *So.Boring* I thought you might want to see them! *Okay no really, I don't want to take pictures in flash and write up reviews*

Bear with my hilarious random rants for a while, this girl needs to shake it off.

Some cute, some nasty! 

Let me know how you handle stress, meanwhile I'll try understanding what the hell is up with me!

PS: Images are all from Pinterest. I don't claim any ownership.
PPS: I know I ain't being my usual self today, apologies.



  1. its jus hw engg is bt once its over u'll long fr it doubl d time u hated it... i too had all des drama bt v r gals, v luv som drama n lyf ryt =)
    cheer up gal !!!!

    1. I hope so too Suna, I am freakin' hating the stress :[ Thanks btw girl, that comment made me smile :)

  2. Nice post.^^
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog

  3. You still have 3 more years girl...Just enjoy your time at college, this is the only phase of your life where you need not worry about the money, social acceptance, marriage, kids and blah blah...Even we live a monotonous, live through deadlines and pressures at enjoy your college life cause after 3 years you would be begging for more...

    1. I wish I can get that fun feel soon Opal :P I am lazy, may be that is the reason! :D Thanks though, you really made me feel better :)

  4. phew !!! talk abt having probs !!! me facing sumthing v similar to wht yr facing ...


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