Sunday 23 September 2012

Mom knows the best!

It was just another gossip session with mom last night. I was multi tasking - reading 50 Shades of Grey, drinking butter milk, texting friends and listening to mom. The talks some how reached my hair. No no, my hair doesn't have hearing abilities. Ermm wait, does it have? :o Like does it act cranky on days I end up cursing it? :o Okay, never mind. I think the stress of life *ahem* has gotten on to me.

Back to my hair stories, my mom took task to hand. Like literally. She made this complicated concoction of amla oil, castor oil and few drops of honey. She also added in camphor powder to 'release the heat trapped in my head' LOL :D Ya know, after that description of hers, I am totally imagining myself radiating heat, you know, like these huge red tyres around me and a white colored halo over my head :D *What? When substances reach maximum temperature, they emit white light :D Physics maamu, Physics 8)*

Anyho, after making me shut down her beloved lappy, *she loves it more than she loves me* she poured applied that scary colored thing from my scalp to the hair tips. It was dripping, I tell you. The oil mixture was dropping off my head. And she was successful in braiding all my layers, and clipped that oily mess with a huge jaw clip. *Sigh* And then she asked me to sleep, only after replacing my pink colored pillow cover with a nasty, disgusting brown colored cover :\ Hmph! :@ I tell you, her materialistic things means more to her than her daughter :(

It took me half an hour to fall asleep. Even with the elastic cloth band guarding the oil mines of my face from this oil avalanche from North, I was petrified of zombie pimples being formed. But then, what are boyfriend's boyfriend memories for? ^_^ Oh did I tell you? I met him yesterday ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

And then I slept off okay?

I woke up this morning and rushed to take bath and mom was like, "So this is how I can make you take bath early on Sundays! 8)"

You have got to trust me when I say I spent a freakin' 30 minutes just to get that damned sticky thing out of my hair. The use of shampoo was forbidden :\ There was this Karthika Shikakai shampoo. Ya :P I used it first on oiled hair and it rinsed almost 50% of oil off. And then I followed with my regular shampoo and conditioner (I am using Herbal Essences currently, review coming soon). No heat styling - no blow drying, no flat iron. I let it dry naturally.

And now, I am LURVING my hair ^_^ ^_^ No exaggeration! I just applied some serum to damp hair and combed it with a wide toothed comb, kept combing til it was almost dry.

There is visible shine and softness and the dryness is reduced by X times ^_^ I have finally found a remedy, I think.

I won't mind this oily mess once a week for the awesome results! :D

Your momma also pesters you like this? :P

Lemme know! :D

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  1. hey namitha even my mom does same way ........ but even then luv my hairs after oiling shampooing....... yayyyyyyyyy u right mom knows the best

  2. True my dear..:)
    moms are our encylopedia..<3

  3. Wow this hair treatment Sounds amazing.. I'm gonna do the same <3
    well, My mom applies olive oil and herbal oils like amla, shikakai on my hair & scalp and I loveee it <3
    btw loveee the topic "Mom knows the best" <3 ...

    1. Do try it hon, it does give amazing results :)
      Thank you :)

  4. My mom is not quite into all these beauty tips, but she does pester me....barging into my room every 10 minutes to ensure I am not sleeping* see I am a big sleepy head and I can sleep like a sleeping beauty for 2 days straight:D*

    1. LOL :D that is cute now LOL :D my mom lets me sleep, no matter how long I want to ^_^

  5. do review the kathika shampoo (incase you haven't). castor oil is quite thick hence difficult to wash off but results are amazing!

  6. do review the kathika shampoo (incase you haven't). castor oil is quite thick hence difficult to wash off but results are amazing!

    1. Umm I haven't used it that long or might not use it otherwise :P Will try hon :) yea, thicker the oil, harder to wash off, but the moisturization gets better :)

  7. was an awesome thing :) yup, the concoction she made is really good for hair. btw, what's this shampoo??? never heard of it just available in Bang???
    oh hz 50??? i totally hated repititive!!! and, ending to ultra-lame.

    1. I am so gonna use it regularly :) Aah its just shikakai, in shampoo format cuz I can't stand the powder + water mixture, makes my eyes burn. You might as well use any local brand, Meera, Samrat many :D
      Oh I have just started with 50 :P Sappy enough ;)
      Lets see how it goes, don't reveal it ;)


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