Tuesday 18 September 2012

DIY Inspiration

I think the Lord heard me from my previous posts ;) I am getting a lot of me time and how! Today I bunked college, tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi, day after is the Bharat Bandh :D Though I didn't do an ounce of the OhSoMuch college work, I spent the whole day lazying around ^_^ Its a bliss, doing nothing, once in a while ;) Oh and did you like the new blog makeover? :) The teal obsession has gotten extreme, my friend. Yet, I am totally loving how the blog looks right now, fresh and pleasant, know? :)

All this has gotten me back into sanity (or insanity?!) and I am in DIY mode right now :P Ya want some inspiration? ;)

So so tempted to glitter-fy my phone ^_^ And everything else!

Isn't this fuckin' genius? OMG! I want to have these in every goddamn room and corner and everywhere else!

Aawwwh!  *runs to rummage through brother's pencil collection, and wires and pliers!*

So easy, so edgy 8)

Bless the brain that thought of this *Sigh* I can totally visualize me wearing this, to everywhere ^_^

This reminds me, my half done glitter shoes need to be completed 8) I have to apply one last coat to finish it :D
Namita, the sparkly vampire girl *Okay, so I am obsessed with Edward, SO WHAT?*

Creative juices flowing already? ;) 

Oh and today I made the first logo for my blog .*MY blog :P* How do you guys like it? :)

Likey? :)

PS: All the images have been Google-d, except the logo :P I don't claim ownership of any image or the idea, except the logo ;)



  1. Im a lazy bum when it comes to DIYs and me having office today booohoooo:'(

    1. Aaawwh! <3 You know this no-holiday-thing of jobs makes me want to study all my life :D Do celebrate in the evening love :)

  2. wow thats...really creative gal ;)

  3. hey nice post
    check out some more DIY tutorials here


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