Monday 17 September 2012

Come September, Come Wishes

So yeah, I realized that most of my posts begin with 'Hello there dolls! =)' or 'So.....' and a story :P So, I decided not to do it. *Isn't it an irony that this post started with a 'So...'? or Heck, the line started with The So :o*

I haven't really posted my wishlists in a while know? Sad :( Though September has half gone away, where is a limit on wishes,anyway? ;)

1. Kurtis, and more of them
Yea, I have suddenly developed this love on kurtis. I want to wear kurtis and leggings, like plain pale colored leggings to everywhere. Like to college, to sleep, to super market also ^_^ My friends say I look calm and pious in kurtis :P

2. A labrador
I really really want a puppy and mom won't let me bring one home :( She says its tough enough to take care of me :( Now really, am I that troublesome? *sniff* *sob*

3. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal
See? Ain't I pretty low maintainance? That pretty thing costs Rs.200/-. Can't wait to lay my hands on it ^_^

4. A teal colored anything
I don't remember how and when and where, but I am so totally and suddenly in LOVE with teal. I want everything possible in teal - kurti, bangles, nail paint, comb, shoes, bag ANYTHING! No wonder I am wanting the kajal ;)


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