Friday 3 August 2012

Oriflame Gloss Booster Watermelon review, swatches, FOTD

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Do you ever get Monday blues on other days of the week? I have got it on a Friday >.< All I wanna do is lock myself up in a room and sleep all day *Sigh* You ask why?! Don't know :o May be because holidays are gonna end soon, or may be I feel fat :| Wait, I am bloated :o Or, I am PMS-ing :o Wicked, wicked harmones. Anyho, I decided to buckle up and write a review that I promised. Here it is, the gloss booster from my recent haul. 
PS: If you guys know any peppy perk-me-up songs, shoot a comment below please :)

Product: Gloss Booster
Brand: Oriflame
Shade: Watermelon
Code: 23850
Cost: Rs.298/- (Check with your consultant)
Quantity: 12 ml

The product comes in a plastic tube, super cute packaging. There are other flavours too (grape, cherry, peach etc) and different tubes have different coloured caps matching the flavour ^_^ How cute is that! The packaging is sturdy enough and travel friendly. *Duh! I feel so lame typing this line, don't know why!*

The fragrance.Oh boy, lurve it! It smells of chilled watermelons. Ya know, summers and sweetened chilled watermelons - diced into cubes or made into milkshake ^_^ My favourite fruit :D It doesn't feel artificial either.

The gloss looks pink in the tube, but well, its almost transparent. That was a bummer :( I was so excited to try it and get a pretty pink hint on my lips and all I got was a clear gloss. And then, I read the product description - gloss booster. Okay. 

So, I took many pictures for you guys at different timings :P You see, when momma is out of station and you get to take over the kitchen, you end up having a very time-table-d schedule. 

Hence, the difference in lighting, hair and concealor concentrations ;)

I first tried the gloss booster alone, and this is how it looks:

It works like a transparent lip gloss - gives an amazing shine and pout. 

This is with Colorbar Matte Thrilling Pink underneath. It doesn't look matte now does it? Also, it tones down  the lippie to some extent and makes it look more of a heavier tint. Looks really really pretty, trust me :) If you are a pink lippie girl, pair the lippies with this booster for an ultra glam look.
Lippie + this gloss = very wearable tint like color
(The picture on the left is in natural light and the right is in direct sun light)

Lip swatch

The staying power is my only complaint though. It stays for hardly an hour without eating or drinking or kissing.
Other than that, I totally love this cuteness in the tube.

Do I recommend this? Yes, I do.

My rating? 

-1 for staying power 

What ya thinking? Let me know, shoot a comment ;) 

PS: All the images are mine.



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